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Sunkist Park, Culver City, California

Signage for Sunkist Park neighborhood.

Sunkist Park (also called El Marino) is a neighborhood of Culver City, California that is bounded by Ballona Creek, Sepulveda Boulevard, Jefferson Boulevard and Playa Street.[1]

It sits near the 405-90 interchange in the southwestern section of the city, near the Playa Vista, Del Rey, and Mar Vista in the city of Culver City on the west is Venice and Marina del Rey neighborhoods of the City of Los Angeles.[1]

In 1949, the Overland-Mesmer Annexation was added to Culver City; it was the area surrounding El Marino School.[1]


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Coordinates: 33°59′35″N 118°23′56″W / 33.993°N 118.399°W / 33.993; -118.399