Sunes Summer (Swedish: Sunes sommar) is a Swedish comedy film which was released to cinemas in Sweden on 25 December 1993,[1] directed by Stephan Apelgren.[2] It is based on the chapter book with the same name, the eighth in the book series about Sune, written by Anders Jacobsson and Sören Olsson. At the 29th Guldbagge Awards, Peter Haber was nominated for the Best Actor award.[3] It also won a shared first-prize during the Italiafiction festival in Salerno in July 1994.[4]

Sunes sommar
Sunes sommar.jpg
Swedish DVD cover
Directed byStephan Apelgren
Produced byChristian Wistrand
Waldemar Bergendahl
Written byStephan Apelgren
Anders Jacobsson (novel)
Sören Olsson (novel)
StarringPeter Haber
Carina Lidbom
Andreas Hoffer
Gabriel Odenhammar
Nina Almlöf
Music byThomas Lindahl
Edited byHåkan Karlsson
Hélène Berlin
Distributed byAB Svensk Filmindustri
Release date
  • 25 December 1993 (1993-12-25) (Sweden)
Running time
89 minutes


It is summer in Sweden, and the Andersson family has decided to go on vacation to Greece. The trip turns out to be too expensive, especially when Håkan destroys a shelf in the travel agency. Rudolf decides that they should go on a caravan holiday instead. When they start the journey, Karin runs over Rudolf's foot with the caravan and they have to go into a hospital. There, Rudolf gets his foot bandaged by Lenny, a medic who is pretending to be a doctor. At the hospital Sune meets a girl named Cornelia and falls in love with her, but he makes a fool of himself at a candy vending machine.

The next day they arrive at the "Jonsson camp" where they should stay. At the campsite, Annas meet the greaser Leffe and they immediately become fond of each other, Leffe subsequently runs over Håkan with his quad bike. It turns out that the family is living next door to Lenny, and Cornelia his daughter.

Sune tries out a way to win Cornelia's heart, giving her a pair of earrings that he believes are in a toy machine at the camp site. Therefore, he begins to raise money by returning bottles, but all he gets is a bunch of Phantom rings. Eventually he gets the earrings from one of the campsite owners.

Before it is time for the family to go home, they are invited to a farewell party by Lenny's family. During the party Lenny's brother Kenny, who is a real doctor, arrives. He looks at Rudolf's foot, which proves to be restored. The film ends with Sune and Cornelia meeting on the beach at dusk, where she gets the earrings.


The film was shot in Stockholm, at Tofta Bech on Gotland and at Björkviks havsbad on Ingarö.[2] Recordings began on 14 June 1993.[5]


Home videoEdit

The film was released to home video 1994 in, originally to VHS and later also to DVD. It also appeared in the 2008 compilation box "Sommar & jul med Sune" consisting of a triple DVD also consisting of Sunes jul.[6]


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