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The Sunday Times Rich List 2008 was published on 27 April 2008.[1]

Since 1989 the UK national Sunday newspaper The Sunday Times (sister paper to The Times) has published an annual magazine supplement to the newspaper called the Sunday Times Rich List. The list is based on an estimate of the minimum wealth of the richest 1,000 people or families in the United Kingdom as of January of that year, and is compiled by Dr Philip Beresford.

A separate section lists the 250 richest Irish, including both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

The list was previewed on ITV1 on 24 April 2008 in Britain's Rich List: Giving It Away, presented by millionaire Duncan Bannatyne.[2]

As in previous years, the List was widely covered in other UK media on the day of its publication; The Daily Telegraph, for example, noted that "Kirsty Bertarelli, a former Miss United Kingdom from Staffordshire, is the highest placed woman, appearing at number six on the list alongside her husband, the biotechnology tycoon Ernesto Bertarelli."[3]

The top four places in the List were unchanged from the previous year. Only six of the top 20 were born in Britain.[1]

Among the most notable changes were three new names on the List entering in the top 12: Alisher Usmanov, Leonard Blavatnik, both Russian entrepreneurs with homes in London, and Ernesto Bertarelli.


Top 12 fortunesEdit

2008[1] Name Citizenship Source of wealth 2007[4]
Rank Net worth
GB£ bn
Rank Net worth
GB£ bn
1   £27.70   Lakshmi Mittal   India Steel 1 £19.25
2   £11.70   Roman Abramovich   Russia Oil, industry 2 £10.80
3   £7.00   The Duke of Westminster   United Kingdom Property 3 £7.00
4   £6.20   Srichand and Gopichand Hinduja Industry and finance 4 £6.20
5   £5.73   Alisher Usmanov Steel and mining n/a not listed
6   £5.65   Ernesto and Kirsty Bertarelli Pharmaceuticals n/a not listed
7   £5.40   Hans Rausing Food packaging 6 £5.40
8   £4.65   John Fredriksen Shipping 8 £3.50
9   £4.33   Sir Philip Green   United Kingdom Retailing 7 £4.90
10   £4.30   David and Simon Reuben Property 8 £3.49
11   £3.97   Leonard Blavatnik Industry n/a not listed
12   £3.73   Seán Quinn Quarrying, property, insurance 12 £3.05

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