Sundari (Tamil TV series)

Sundari is a 2021 Indian Tamil-language dramatic series starring Gabriella Sellus along with Jishnu Menon[1] and Shreegopika Neelanath. It premiered on Sun TV on February 22, 2021. It is available for worldwide streaming on Sun NXT.[2] The main plot of the story is taken from Kannada language serial 'Sundari' airing on Udaya TV which itself loosely based on Tamil movie Gopurangal Saivathillai. [3]

Sundari serial.jpg
Also known asOru Sarasari Pennin Porattam
GenreSocial Drama
Directed byAzhagar
StarringGabriella Sellus
Jishnu Menon
Shreegopika Neelanath
Opening theme"Aathangara Kaatre"
Shweta Mohan (Vocals)
Country of originIndia
Original languageTamil
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes375 (as of June 2022)
ProducerCinematographer Karaikudi Balasubramaniem (KT.Balu _ Manonmani Stores )
Running time22-24 minutes
Production companiesSun Entertainment
Miracle Media
Original networkSun TV
Original release22 February 2021 (2021-02-22) –
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Sundari is the story of a girl who faces discrimination for her dark skin, yet she fights against adversities in life. She has a kind heart but struggles to find the right man to marry. Undeterred, she strives to become an IAS officer. Her journey towards achieving her goal takes her through many ups and downs in life and she firmly believes that inner beauty is more important than physical appearance, which forms the crux of the story. It is also about the story of fair-skinned urban girl, Anu, who is modern, empowered, and waiting for a loving and sincere partner. She does gets a loving husband, Kartik, but is not a sincere man who misuses and emotionally manipulates her love for his desires and fantasies on family life. It is also about Kartik, a man from a village of Sundari and her family person, who by relationship will be marrying her but is having an imagination and desire for fair-skinned woman for his family life. It's about his perception of men from his social background have about urban, fair-skinned, and empowered woman like Anu; and how they objectify them. Anu is made a scapegoat and invalidated to validate potential in village women, Sundari. She's not allowed to make her own decisions by scapegoating her over her health issues. However, Kartik is shown in a better light of wanting to have a family with Anu for her skin complexion that he also falls for her sincere love. Yet he is perverse and manipulates her for his selfish desires because of his fantasies.


The plot of the story revolves around a lower middle–class lady, Sundari, who lives in a village and is often judged and treated by other villagers with inequality due to her dark skin tone. How Sundari overcomes her challenges and achieves her dreams of working in the city, forms the rest of the story.

Sundari has the only aspiration that she would become an IAS officer in future as she's academically a brightest student. Unfortunately, Sundari's father's close friend whom she considers as her own maternal uncle, Murugan brought her an alliance in order to protect her name from the villager's accusation as she has eloped with a guy but in a contradiction, she got admitted in a hospital due to an accident while attending her examination.

On the other hand, Karthick runs his own advertising agency along with his best friend Krishna. Karthick got an alliance too through his brother-in-law, Murugan. Karthick is an urban guy as he only prefers the best for himself including his future wife. Hence, the fate decides something else, because Karthick is the prospective groom for Sundari whom he thinks this type of girl can never be compatible with him as his life partner. He was already in love with another woman named Anu, but he agreed to marry Sundari because he doesn't wanted to go against his brother-in-law, Murugan mama who many years ago married his older sister, Lakshmi to protect her name and her family reputation. So Karthick feels he is indebted to his brother-in-law and wants to please him. But he does lot of tricks behind his family's back to stop the marriage but eventually fails.

After marriage, Karthick unwillingly brings Sundari with him to Chennai. Karthick always degrades Sundari's qualification and insults her intelligence without knowing the fact that she's a school and college topper. He thinks she knows nothing about the world as she comes from rural area. Soon Karthick left Sundari alone in Chennai and goes to Anu and marry her. Few months later, Karthick decides to create one plot to stay with Anu forever without any troubles. So he lied to his whole family that he has a dream to earn money working at Dubai. His friend, Krishna and his older sister, Lakshmi knows the truth, but they agreed to protect Karthick because of his blackmailing and manipulation nature.

Sundari also gets attached to her land lady, Janaki and her granddaughter, Nila who lost her parents at a young age looks up to Sundari as her mother. Krishna also gets attached to Sundari and lovingly calls her "Thangachimma" (Little Sister in Tamil). Few months later, Sundari and Anu gets closer after Sundari saves Anu's mother, Malliga (referred to as Malliga Amma) from Asphyxiation after being locked in the car. Anu brings Sundari home as a caretaker for her mother who got paralyzed while finding some hunch about Karthick. Malliga Amma is always suspicious about Karthick and acts sick to find the truth about him along with Sundari's help. Time passes through like this, Anu comes up with job offer for Sundari at her office noticing her intellectual skills and knowledge. Sundari goes to her IAS coaching classes as well and there she meets a new friend named Siddarth but she calls him siddhu. He is like a well wisher for her and a good friend too. Siddhu is a very kind and helping nature person as he always drops Sundari home and sometimes he motivates her whenever she seems so down. One day, coincidentally Karthick spotted Sundari with Siddhu while he drops her home. Then he warns Sundari as well to stay away from siddarth as his secretary (Ramasubbu) who enquired wrongly about Siddhu and exaggerated to Karthick as if he is a criminal.

Sundari works for Anu and has become very close to Malliga Amma. She is been lovingly called as Collector Amma by her office colleagues and Anu. Karthick does not know that "Collector Amma", who Anu always talks about is actually Sundari. Few months later, Karthick finds about it and creates another plan to separate Sundari and Anu. He also finds that Sundari will be attending a celebration party in Anu's house for their Wedding Anniversary and knows Sundari and Anu will find the truth about him. He plans to take Sundari to Dubai and leave her there alone. Krishna refuses to accept the plan and they both fight. Karthick manipulates and gaslights Sundari that he misses her and makes her agree to come with him to Dubai. He also makes sure she does not leave the house to go to Anu's Anniversary celebration and he goes back to Anu. Sundari is disheartened since her dream to become as IAS Officer is crushed. While Karthick is out buying sweets, Anu faints and the doctor is called. Anu's maid, Sudha calls Sundari and informs her about Anu. Sundari immediately rushes to Anu's house where the doctor reveals that Anu is pregnant and it will be a complicated pregnancy, but Anu kept the baby stating Sundari will take care of her and the baby. Sundari is overjoyed until Karthick arrives home and Anu introduces Karthick to Sundari as her husband and reveals the pregnancy news to him. Sundari shocked faints and is immediately taken to the hospital by Karthick, after she wakes up he insults her and tries to justify his actions and is clearly convinced he has done no wrong and blames Sundari and leaves her. He informs Anu that Sundari fainted because of dehydration. Sundari completely heartbroken walks back home in rain. Next day, Karthick visits Sundari but this time Sundari raises her voice and shoves him out of the house. She later tells about the situation to Janaki. She also confronts Krishna, whom she thinks as her own older brother. Krishna reveals why he hid the truth but realizes his mistakes and immediately stops working with Karthick and decided to be a good brother hereafter.

Janaki Amma becomes Sundari's constant source of support and encouragement. Nila and Janaki makes Sundari eat and also asked her to focus on her IAS courses and go back to work in Anu's office. Sundari did not expose Karthick to her family, Anu and Malliga Amma because she wanted to protect Anu and the baby from her family's wrath and curse. Murugan finds out that Karthick has "returned" back from Dubai to Chennai and decides to surprise Sundari and Karthick with his wife, daughter, Sundari's mother and grandmother. Murugan mama was so furious over Karthick and Sundari for not informing him that Karthick came back to Chennai. Later, he convinced and forgave him too. Next day, Sundari went to Anu's house after her coaching class done, there she found Anu screaming in an extreme stomach pain. She takes her to hospital and the doctor suggest Sundari to make Anu agree for abortion as Anu couldn't bear the child anymore based on her health condition. But Sundari asked the doctor to not expose this matter to Anu and shall not proceed with the abortion as the baby means everything to Anu. An upset Sundari asks solution from her mother, her grandmother recommends her to do a fasting in a Amman temple about 40 days and apply the puja oil on Anu's stomach wholeheartedly as the wishes of her will come true. She tries to explain this to Karthick but in a vice versa he accused her that she feels jealous of Anu's pregnancy. But Sundari replies back to him that he has no sentiments towards the baby, he's just wanted Anu to give birth so that he could blackmail anyone including Anu by showing the baby as a reason as if Anu tries to kick him out of her life when she learns all the truths and secrets about him. Few days later, she opened up this matter to Malliga amma to get her opinion on this but she asked Sundari to help perform the 40 days fasting and eventually Sundari made a promise too.

Murugan mama decides to buy a scooter for Sundari as he doesn't want her to struggle using the public transportation while she's alone. He brings Karthick along to the showroom, later he also asks him to teach sundari how to ride on a scooter. Siddarth gradually develops feelings for Sundari as his father approaching him to propose Sundari on Valentine's Day. On the other side, Sundari keeps on taunting Karthick for every thing he did to her in the past. After that, Sundari's mother asked Janaki amma to tell Karthick to drop Sundari at her coaching class, Sundari gets annoyed by hearing this. Later, Sundari shouted and threatens Karthick to stop the car or she wants to jump off the car otherwise. Sundari's act really instigates Karthick, he taunts her in front of ramasubbu. Viji, another colleague who is also a troublemaker in the firm, provoked Sundari as well and make the situation even worse.

Life goes along with Karthick's ruptures. Siddhu's father mistakenly asked Karthick for Sundari's hand for marry Siddhu, hearing this Karthick gets shocked and approached Mani (Siddhu's Father) to ask Murugan mama as he encourages love marriages a lot in a sarcastic manner as he knows Murugan mama will create a ruckus out of it and brings Sundari to her village but Karthick failed in this plot as well as Murugan mama believed Sundari and let her continue studying in Chennai. Sundari confronts Karthick for creating a problem in her friendship and defaming her name. After some days, Sundari becomes a CEO of Anu industries. She also undergoes with a new makeover, Karthick gets shocked to see her like this. Sundari takes over the whole company and Karthick gets irritated to see her rising. Sundari asks karthick to submit the company 6 months financial account details as she wants to know the reason why the company facing the loss recently. Karthick fears that he will get caught that he was the one who asked Ramasubbu to use 7.5 lakhs for Karthick's personal expenditures. Karthick somehow tries to cover all his blunders from Anu and life goes on like this. Anu decides to do a makeover for Sundari as she wants her to carry herself in a formal way which will be suitable for her CEO positioning. Karthick helps Sundari for her transformation. Later, Karthick gets mesmerized over her beautiful makeover and even checks her out while driving back home.

Anu also planning to get Sundari married to another guy as she learns the truth that Sundari's husband cheated on her but she never knew that is Karthick himself. So, she asks Karthick to take good picture of her that she wants to create one profile for her at matrimonial site. During the thiruvizha, Karthick takes picures of Sundari and develops some mixed feelings over Sundari. On the other hand, Krishna and Malini developing feelings for each other and Sundari finds this out and make Krishna to confess his love to Malini. But there is another guy named Arun who also has an obsession over Malini and through marrying her he wants to seek revenge for his father's death as he had some baggage stories regarding this with Murugan mama family. Unknowingly, Krishna and Karthick went to buy bouquet for Malini, Karthick asked him whom is he buying the bouquet for but Krishna refused to tell him. Later, Arun and his gang came to know Malini and Krishna's love story, he decided to ruin this meeting of love confession. Sundari asked Malini to go to grocery hut as Krishna is waiting there. Arun and his gang try to catch the hut on fire with Malini inside, later Arun himself rescued Malini to take a good name before Murugan mama. On the other hand, Siddhu learns that Karthick is Sundari's husband.



  • Gabriella Sellus as Sundari Devi "Sundari" Karthikeyan: A dark-skinned girl who is a bright student. Kalyana Sundaram and Valliamma's daughter, Karthick's first wife and Siddhu's love interest, an aspiring woman to become an IAS officer
  • Jishnu Menon as Karthikeyan "Karthick" Shankar: Shankar and Selvi's son, Lakshmi's younger brother, Anu and Sundari's husband. An anti-heroic person, racist and a pathological liar.
  • Shreegopika Neelanath as Anupriya "Anu" Karthikeyan: A fair-skinned girl who is good in studies. Karthick's girlfriend turned second wife, Malliga's adopted daughter. Sundari's MD and a good friend, rich businesswoman. Now she's pregnant.


  • Jay Srinivas as Siddharth "Sidhu": Sundari's classmate and a good friend also he had a crush on her.
  • Niharika Shankar / Premi Venkat as Malliga Devi "Malliga": Anu's adoptive mom, a rich businesswoman
  • Manohar Krishna as Murugan: Lakshmi's husband and Karthick's brother-in-law, Malini's father
  • P. R. Varalakshmi as Gandhimathi: Sundari's paternal grandmother; Valliamma's mother-in-law
  • Indumathy Manikandan as Valliamma: Sundari's mother
  • Minnal Deepa as Lakshmi: Karthick's elder sister and Murugan's wife, Malini's mother
  • Sangeetha Balan as House owner Janaki a.k.a Jaanu, Sundari's wellwisher
  • Aravish Kumar as Krishnakanthan "Krishna", Karthick's best friend, Malini's love interest.
  • Arunkumar Padmanathan as Pazhani: Sundari's arch-rival
  • Deepthi Rajendran as Malini, Murugan and Lakshmi's daughter; Sundari's best friend, Karthick's niece, Krishna's love interest.
  • Gracy Thangavel as Viji, Sundari's arch-rival
  • Nazia as Sudhalakshmi "Sudha", Anu's housemaid
  • Prithiksha Sankar as Nila, Janaki's granddaughter
  • Vignesh as Arun


  • L. Raja as Sankarapandian "Shankar", Lakshmi and Karthick's father
  • Lakshmi Vasudevan / J. Lalitha as Selvi, Lakshmi and Karthick's mother
  • Sandhya Jagarlamudi as Radha: Murugan's niece; a police officer
  • Tharani Suresh Kumar as Periyanayaki aka Berry
  • Krithika Annamalai as Geetha: a Police officer

Special appearancesEdit

  • Mime Gopi as Kalyana Sundaram: Sundari's father (2021) (Dead)
  • Vaiyapuri as Kattam Kandhaswamy (2021)
  • VJ Aswath as Himself (2022)
  • Swetha Senthilkumar as Herself (2022)
  • Rakesh KM as Himself (2022)


The series is a family melodrama that airs on Sun TV. Gabriella Sellus[4] was cast in the female lead role of Sundari, who previously appeared in the 2019 film Airaa[5] and the fifth season of Kalakka Povathu Yaaru? (season 5). Kanmani serial fame Jishnu Menon was cast for the male lead role of Karthik. Shreegopika Neelanath was cast as second female lead role who previously known for her role in 90ML. Indumathy Manikandan, who appeared in the 2018 film Kadaikutty Singam and in the television series Thirumanam, was cast in a supporting role of Sundari's Mother. Minnal Deepa, known for her short, but crucial appearance in the meme Vaama Minnal in the film Maayi, and in the television series Yaaradi Nee Mohini, was cast in a supporting role. While Manohar Krishnan, Aravish, P. R. Varalakshmi, Premi Venkat and others were also selected for pivotal roles.


Sundari : Tamil Nadu/ Puducherry viewers per episode (millions)
WeeksEpisode number
Source: Audience measurement performed Statewide by Broadcast Audience Research Council.[6]

Special episodes and crossoversEdit

  • On March 31, 2021, it aired its first special episode for two hours named "Sundari-Karthick's Wedding"
  • On September 19, 2021, it aired a one-hour special episode revolving around Murugan, Lakshmi, Sundari, Karthick, Anu, Malliga, Krishna were in the same house and in a same situation, that named "Kannamoochi Aattam"
  • On January 2, 2022, it aired a two-hour nonstop special episode revolving around the truth revealing track named "Kaathirukum Athirchi"
  • On July 12, 2021 – Aug 1, 2021, it had a crossover with Vanathai Pola.


Language Title Original release Network(s) Last aired Notes
Kannada Sundari
11 January 2021 Udaya TV Ongoing Original
Tamil Sundari
22 February 2021 Sun TV Remake
Bengali Sundari
19 July 2021 Sun Bangla
Telugu Sundari
23 August 2021 Gemini TV
Marathi Sundari
17 October 2021 Sun Marathi
Malayalam Sundari
15 November 2021 Surya TV


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