SunLink Corporation is a privately owned company headquartered in Mill Valley, California which designs, manufactures and delivers renewable energy solutions including: tracker, fixed-tilt and roof photovoltaic mounting systems for commercial and utility-scale installations; solar project installation and O&M services;[1] and project intelligence software that offers energy project analytics and remote energy asset controls[2] (SCADA).

SunLink Corporation
IndustrySolar photovoltaics equipment
HeadquartersMill Valley, California,
United States
ServicesDesigner and manufacturer

SunLink's Warehouse and Training Center is located in San Leandro, California. Product design, testing and some fabrication take place in California. Manufacturing is done in the United States and China.

The company does R&D work in the areas of seismic and wind engineering. Partners include the Boundary Layer Laboratory at the University of Western Ontario and structural engineering firm Rutherford & Chekene[3] SunLink also conducted extensive seismic testing for two of its roof mount systems at UC Berkeley’s Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center Shake Table[4][5]

Founded in 2004, SunLink solutions have been installed at more than 120,000 commercial and utility-scale installations throughout the Americas.[6]


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