Sun-Shooting Tower

The Sun-Shooting Tower (Chinese: 射日塔; pinyin: Shèrì Tǎ) or Chiayi Tower is a tower built inside Chiayi Park, East District, Chiayi City, Taiwan.

Sun-Shooting Tower
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General information
Architectural styleAlishan tree
LocationEast, Chiayi City, Taiwan
Coordinates23°28′52″N 120°28′10″E / 23.48111°N 120.46944°E / 23.48111; 120.46944Coordinates: 23°28′52″N 120°28′10″E / 23.48111°N 120.46944°E / 23.48111; 120.46944
Height62 m


The tower stands at a height of 62 meters.[1] Its exterior designed was inspired by a giant sacred tree in Alishan. The brown aluminum pattern mimics the wood grain of the tree and the center is left with a 40-meter-high (130 ft) empty space that mimics the crack in the center of that giant sacred tree.

The interior bronze sculpture is inspired by the "Sun-Shooting" legend of Taiwanese indigenous peoples. This bronze-made sculpture is 24 meters tall and 3 meters wide.[2]

The tower features an observation deck, a café and a small rooftop garden.


The tower is accessible within walking distance southeast from Beimen Station of the Alishan Forest Railway or using Chiayi County Bus from Chiayi Station of Taiwan Railways Administration.[1]

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