Summertime Summertime

"Summertime Sumertime" is the 1986 debut single by freestyle singer Nocera, from her 1987 debut album Over the Rainbow. Nocera co-wrote and co-produced the song with Floyd Fisher; it also featured contributions from Kurtis Mantronik (who added production mixes) and Chep Nunez (edits). This single would become Nocera's well-known track and her signature song, peaking at number 2 on Billboard's Dance/Disco Club Play chart in 1986. In 1989, the single was re-released in Europe with new mixes done by Nunez and Todd Terry, and engineered by Norty Cotto.

"Summertime Summertime"
Single by Nocera
from the album Over the Rainbow
Format12" single
Length6:00 (original)
LabelSleeping Bag Records
Floyd Fisher
Floyd Fisher
Kurtis Mantronik (mixes)
Nocera singles chronology
"Summertime Summertime"
"Let's Go"

Track listingEdit

US 12" single
single release from Discogs
1."Summertime Summertime" (Club)6:00
2."Summertime Summertime" (Radio)3:23
3."Summertime Summertime" (Soft Summer Dub)4:00
4."Summertime Summertime" (Hard Summer Dub)4:25
Germany single[1]
1."Summertime Summertime" (Clubhouse Mix)6:30
2."Summertime Summertime" (Humid House Mix)6:30
3."Summertime Summertime" (Hot & Sweaty Dub)6:09
4."Summertime Summertime" (Original Radio Mix)3:23
5."Summertime Summertime" (Original Club Mix)6:00
6."Summertime Summertime" (Hard Summer Dub)4:25
7."Summertime Summertime" (Soft Summer Dub)4:00

Corina versionEdit

"Summertime Summertime"
Single by Corina
ReleasedJune 24, 1997
Format12" single
CD maxi
Length3:49 (original)
LabelSo So Def Records
Columbia Records
Floyd Fisher
Corina Ayala
Producer(s)Albert Cabrera
Corina singles chronology
"Now That You're Gone"
"Summertime Summertime"
"Master and Servant"

In 1997, Corina recorded a new version of "Summertime Summertime" for the So So Def Bass All Stars Vol. 2 compilation. The track and accompanying video featured additional Spanish lyrics that were written by Corina as well as a sampling of Nocera's original recording and Kraftwerk's "Numbers" as remixed in the video by an uncredited Lil Jon.

Track listingEdit

US 12" single
single release from Discogs
1."Summertime Summertime" (DJ Edit)3:20
2."Summertime Summertime" (Spanglish)3:58
3."Summertime Summertime" (Album Version)3:49
4."Es Verano" ((written by Corina Ayala and Luis A. Pantajos))3:58
5."Summertime Summertime" (Accapella)3:46
6."Summertime Summertime" (Instrumental)3:54


In a 2006 interview, Nocera offered her opinion on Corina's version, which she had mixed feelings: "I have no relationship with Corina. We’ve never even gone out for coffee. It kind of hurt my feelings that she didn’t even return my calls to go out for a drink. But, besides all of the personal stuff, there is a magic in the original song that can’t be recaptured. Corina’s version was fun and playful though. I’m honored that she chose my song for a remake and, also, put some extra money in my pocket!".[2]


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