Sümi Baptist Church, Zünheboto

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Sümi Baptist Church, Zünheboto is a church located in Zünheboto, Nagaland, affiliated with the Nagaland Baptist Church Council. The church is considered to be one of the largest church buildings in Asia.[1] The attendance is 8,500 people. [2]

Sümi Baptist Church, Zünheboto
26°01′04.4″N 94°31′45.2″E / 26.017889°N 94.529222°E / 26.017889; 94.529222Coordinates: 26°01′04.4″N 94°31′45.2″E / 26.017889°N 94.529222°E / 26.017889; 94.529222
DenominationNagaland Baptist Church Council
Weekly attendance10,000
DistrictZünheboto District


Aerial view of the church during construction

The church is founded in 1942. [3].The church building construction began on 5 May 2007 and more than 2000 workers were issued inner line permits to participate in the construction works. It took 10 years to build and was built at a reported cost of 36 crores. The church was dedicated by Rev. Dr. Solomon Rongpi, General Secretary of the Council of Baptist Churches in Northeast India on 22 April 2017.[4][5][6][7] In 2017, the church had an attendance of 10,000 people. [8]


The church measures 23,73,476 Sq.ft in plinth area and has a blue dome and white turrets. The church is 203 feet in length, 153 feet in breadth and 166 feet in height. The church can seat 8500 people and also has 27 rooms for different purposes. The bell of the church was imported from Poland and costs Rupees 15 lakh. The 500 kg bell is made of 93% brass and 7% tin and has a 1.5 km radial sound outreach.[1][4][5]

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