Sultan bin Bajad Al Otaibi

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Sultan bin Bajad bin Hameed Al Otaibi (Arabic: سلطان بن بجاد بن حميد العتيبي‎) (1876–1932) was a member of the Otaibah tribe and one of the leaders the Ikhwan movement in Saudi Arabia, the virtual army that supported King Abdulaziz to build his kingdom between 1910 and 1927.

Sultan bin Bajad bin Hameed Al Otaibi
سلطان بن بجاد بن حميد العتيبي
An illustration of Al Otaibi
Died1932 (aged 55–56)
Al Artaweeiyah
AllegianceFlag of the Third Saudi State-01.svg Emirate of Riyadh (1910–1921)
Flag of Nejd (1921).svg Sultanate of Nejd (1921-1926)
Ikhwan (1927-1930)
Service/branch Ikhwan
Years of service1910–1930
Battles/warsUnification of Saudi Arabia

Sultan was illiterate and very religious— strongly believing in Salafi principles. After the occupation of Hijaz, King Abdulaziz and several of the Ikhwan leaders went into bloody clashes, as Abdulaziz wanted to stop incursions outside of Arabia and concentrate on building the foundations of a modern state. Al Otaibi and his associates considered this a sin and challenged the agreements, made by the King with the British and neighboring powers. Sultan entered into an open rebellion against the Al Saud forces and joined in the Battle of Sabilla.[1] He was captured by the Al Saud forces and put in prison where he died in 1932.[1]


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