Sultan Ahmad of Brunei

Ahmad of Brunei (also known as Awang Pateh Berbai or Pateh Berbai) was the second Sultan of Brunei. He was the brother of the first sultan, Muhammad Shah of Brunei. He ascended the throne in 1408 and changed his name to Ahmad. He was succeeded on his death by his son-in-law Sharif Ali.

Ahmad of Brunei / Awang Pateh Berbai
2nd Sultan of Brunei
Reign1408 CE – 1425 CE[citation needed]
PredecessorAbdul Majid Hassan
SuccessorSharif Ali
Died1425 CE
ReligionSunni Islam

Other informationEdit

He was the first Pengiran Bendahara (Vizier) in Brunei, and was later given the title Pengiran Bendahara Seri Maharaja Permaisuara. He married the younger sister of Ong Sum Ping (also known as Pengiran Maharaja Lela). Sultan Ahmad died in 1425 while his son Nakhoda Angging was Brunei Maharaja in Sulu. Thus, he was succeeded by his son-in-law, Sultan Seri Ali or Sharif Ali, the great Sufi Berkat.


The earliest historical record of the Sultans of Brunei is not clearly known due to the poor early documentation of Brunei's history. Many elder members of the House of Bolkiah claim that their ancestors were the BaHassan and BaAlawi Saadah from Tarim in the Hadhramaut region in modern-day Yemen. In addition there has been an effort to Islamise the history, with the "official history" not matching up with verifiable foreign sources. The Batu Tarsilah, the genealogical record of the kings of Brunei, was not established until 1807 CE.[citation needed]