Suleiman II of Rûm

Suleiman II, also known as Rukn ad-Din Suleiman Shah (Persian: رکن الدین سلیمان شاه), was the Seljuk Sultan of Rûm between 1196 and 1204.[1]

Suleiman II
Seljuq sultans of Rum
PredecessorKaykhusraw I
SuccessorKilij Arslan III
Rukn ad-Din Suleiman Shah
FatherKilij Arslan II

Son of Kilij Arslan II, he overthrew his brother, Sultan Kaykhusraw I, and became sultan in 1196.[2]

He fought neighbouring rulers and expanded the territories of the Sultanate. In 1201, he conquered Erzurum, giving it as a fief to Mughith al-Din Tugrulshah in 1202.[3] Successful in the wars with the Byzantines, he was routed by the Georgians in the Battle of Basian of 1203.[4]

He was succeeded by his son Kilij Arslan III in 1204–1205,[5] after which Kaykhusraw I forced his way into Konya, removed Kilij from power and was enthroned for a second time.[5]


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