Sujatha Aththanayaka

Kala Suri Visharadha Dr. Mudunkotuwa Munasinghe Arachchige Sujatha Perera (born 12 May 1942: as සුජාතා අත්තනායක), colloquially known as Sujatha Aththanayaka , is a Sri Lankan songstress and playback singer.[1] She is a prominent playback singer in Sinhala cinema and also in Sri Lankan and Indian Tamil cinema. Considered as the golden bell of Sinhala music, she holds the record for the most number of cassettes produced by a Sri Lankan songstress with more than 115 cassettes in a career spanning more than seven decades. She is the first female music director in Sri Lanka.[2] She contributed for nearly 400 Sinhala films and 20 Sri Lankan-Indian Tamil Films as a playback singer. She sang more than 6000 Sinhala songs and more than 1000 songs in 9 different languages.[3]


Sujatha Attanayake
ආචාර්ය සුජාතා අත්තනායක
Mudunkotuwa Munasinghe Arachchige Sujatha Perera

(1942-05-12) 12 May 1942 (age 79)
Kelaniya, Sri Lanka
EducationWedamulla Maha Vidyalaya
Alma materHeywood Institute of Art
Bhatkhande Music Institute
OccupationSongstress, Lecturer, Director of Ministry of Education
Spouse(s)Navaratne Aththanayaka
  • Dharmadasa Perera (father)
  • Vimala Kantha (mother)
AwardsDoctor of Philosophy (Fine Arts) Honoris Causa (University of the Visual & Performing Art-2019)
Musical career
InstrumentsVocals, sitar, tabla, violin, guitar, haromonium
Years active1950–present
  • Nilwala
  • MEntertainment

Personal lifeEdit

She was born on 12 May 1942 in Kelaniya as the third of the family with five siblings. Her father Mudunkotuwa Munasinghe Arachchige Dharmadasa Perera was a police sergeant. Her mother Gertrude Margaret Wolboff aka Vimala Kantha was a tower hall actress and singer.[4] She started education in 1947 from Wedamulla Maha Vidyalaya, Kelaniya.[5] She has two sisters and two brothers. Her sister Ranjani Perera is a renowned dance teacher and younger brother Susil Perera is a popular comedian and a musician.[6]

She is married to Navaratne Aththanayaka. She met Navaratne at the State College of Music.[7] The couple has three sons - Hely Sajeewa, Chanaka, Samin. Her second son Captain Chanaka Sanjeewa died on September 25, 1992 in Pooneryn during Eelam War II.[6] Since his death, Aththanayaka quit from singing and start to wear white sarees.[8][9]

After his son's death, she left Sri Lanka for America in 1992.[10] Due to the huge fan demand, she performed a series of successful concerts titled Jeevana Vila Meda in 2012.

Music careerEdit

In 1950, she song Malse Dileva for a feature program in SLBC. After school life at the age of 18, she studied at the State College of Aesthetic and then from State College of Music in 1960.[11] At first she was a lecturer at the Kalutara Teachers Training College and then became a Director of Education (Music) at Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka. In 1967 she went India to complete a master's degree and "Visharadha" Exams from Lucknow College of Music in singing and playing sitar. After returning, she started to work at Radio Ceylon becoming the only female singer to perform classical music programs on Sri Lanka Radio.[5] He retired as the Director of Aesthetic Education.[6] In 1958 she became the first Sinhalese singer who sang a Hindi song for the program “Bal Sakha”.[10]

In 1975, she became the first Sri Lankan female music director and directed music for films such as Hariyata Hari and Sanda Kinduru.[11] Apart from music direction, Aththanayake involved as a playback singer and radio drama singer for many years started with 1956 film Sohoyuro at the age of 14.[7] She sung several popular playback film songs such as Jeewana Vila Meda, Maligawe Ma Rajini, Onchilla Thotili, Guwan Thotille, Herde Rasa Malige, Parawunu Mal Wala and Puthune Me Ahaganna.[5] She recorded four playback songs for four films in one day, which is a record in Sri Lanka. The first song was recorded at Kandana S. P. M. studio. The second song was done in the afternoon at Hendala Vijaya Studios. The third song was recorded at the University of Kelaniya studio and the fourth song was recorded at Lanka Studios.[6] She sang playback songs for nearly 400 Sinhala Films. In 1979, a special music test conducted by the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation won the first place in the rankings, beating all other singers.[12]

She is the only singer to perform in India where she sang from different languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, Telugu, Malayalam, Marati, English and Nepali.[10] In 1980, she had the opportunity to sing the song Subha Kamina at the President's House when Nepal King Birendra and Queen Vimla arrived Sri Lanka. She was the first Sinhala singer to perform a Nepali song in the Asian Hindi Service. She also performed a Tamil one-man concert Swaram in Bambalapitiya as well as an Islam concert Ilampirai Geethangal in Maradana.[5] She sung Tamil songs for 20 Tamil Films. She sang playback songs for Indian actresses like Radhika Sarathkumar, Thanuja Mukherjee & Vaijayanthimala.[7]

Her husband was the musician in some of her popular songs including Aganthuka Kurulla, Bolan Podi Nangi Tikak Hitapan, Jeewathwana Thuru Ma, Neth Wasa and Wessata Themi Themi. Apart from singing, she is a talented Katak dancer who studied under Sirimathi Rasadari.[6] In 1985, she represented Sri Lankan cultural delegation for the SAARC Summit. In 1992, after the death of son, he launched a cassette "Yuda Bima Kandulak" to commemorate the his son's first death anniversary.[10]

She sang more than 6000 Sinhala songs and 1000 Tamil songs. She also involved with many popular duets including; Obe Namin, Banda Jaya Keheli with Amaradeva Sandun Sihil, Adara Pujasane with Victor Rathnayake, Koho Koho Kohe Idan with Sanath Nandasiri, Bonda Meedum Kandurelle with Abeywardena Balasuriya, Chandrame Ra Paya Awa, Ghana Andakarayen Midi with H.R. Jothipala, Piruna Hada Santhane, Gangawe Neela Jale with Harun Lanthra, Madhura Yame with R. Muttusamy, Pera Athmayaka with Milton Perera and Pushpa Makarandaya with Narada Disasekara.[5][7][11]

In 2016, she directed the music for the Sri Lanka Police theme song and later she composed the theme song of Sri Lanka Special Task Force (STF).[5]


In 1974 she started her first solo concert "Asi Mihira"

  • Asi Mihira - First Solo Concert - From 1974
  • Swaram - Solo Tamil Songs Concert
  • Ilampirei Geethangal - Solo Islam Songs Concert
  • Gee Pooja - This concert was performed for the people displaced by the war and for the soldiers during war period.
  • Sujatha Gee - This Concert was performed in foreign countries like America, France, New Zealand etc.
  • Sujatha Swara Sangeet - India Nagpur
  • Jeevana Vila Meda (2012 - 2013)

Awards and accoladesEdit

In 1965, she was awarded the Swarna Sanka Award for Best Singer of the Year for the song Duka Eka Eka Peralila in the film Yata Giya Dawasa.[5][6] In 1966, she won the award for the song Paravunu Mal Wala in the film Parasathumal at Sarasaviya Film Festival. She was awarded with “Pan Mai Kokilam” by Sri Lanka Muslim Artiste Front.[10]

Sarasaviya AwardsEdit

Year Nominee / work Award Result
1966 Parawunu Mal Wala (Parasthu Mal) Best Female Singer Won
1974 Puthune Me Ahaganna (Kalyani Ganga) Best Female Singer Won
1974 Puthune Me Ahaganna (Kalyani Ganga) Most Popular Singer Won
2016 Contribution to Cinema Ranathisara Award Won

Swarna Sankha AwardEdit

Year Nominee / work Award Result
1965 Duka Ena Kala (Yatagiya Dawasa) Best Female Singer Won
1966 Parawunu Mal Wala (Parasathu Mal) Best Female Singer Won

Defence AwardsEdit

Year Nominee / work Award Result
1994 Sri Lanka Navy Sudheera Matha Award Won
1994 Sri Lanka Army Abhimana Award Won
2012 Sri Lanka Navy Honorary Award Won
2013 Sri Lanka Army Gawrawa Prasada Sannasa Won
2014 Suwanda Padma Honorary Award Won
2014 Widulipura Honorary Award Won
2015 Sri Lanka Police Honorary Award Won
2019 Sri Lanka Army Weera Matha Award Won
1965 Best Won
1965 Best Won

Miscellaneous AwardsEdit

Year Nominee / work Award Result
1972 Best Female Singer Kumarathungu Memorial Award Won
1972 Most Popular Singer Deepashika Award Won
1974 Best Female Singer Presidential Award Won
2012 Kalyani Prasadini Award Won
2013 Tower Hall Foundation Honorary Award Won
2014 Sumathi Awards U.W. Sumathipala Memorial Award Won
2014 Dr.Lional Edirisinghe Memorial Award University of the Visual and Performing Arts Won
2015 People's Honorary Award Won
2016 Youth Honorary Award Won
2012 Maliban Honorary Award Won
2014 Bank of Ceylon Honorary Award Won
2016 State Music Awards Sunil Shantha Memorial Award Won
2017 Sujatha Attanayake Abhinandana Award Won

2009 - Vidhyalankara Honorary Award

2011 - Dheemathi Award

2015- Susara Pranama Award

2017 - ADTF Honorary Award

2017 - Prathibha Pranama Award

2017 - OSCAR Pooja Pranama Award

2018 - Kalabhushana Award

2019 - Honorary Doctorate - University of the Visual and Performing Arts

2020 - Kalabhimani Award

2020 - Jeevana Prashansa Honorary Award

In 2017, Amila Lokumannage wrote her biopic Sujatha Deshaye Madurathama Swaraya" .[13]

Attanayake's Book Launch ceremony entitled "Sujatha Attanayake Abhinandana" was held on November 11, 2017, at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute where she launched her biography, "Sujatha Deshaye Madhurathama Swaraya" and a Catalogue of her songs titled "Sujatha Attanayake Geethawaliya", written by Amila Lokumannage.

In 2019, Aththanayake was honored as a heroic mother who was gifted a heroic son who sacrificed his life for the country.[14] In the same year, she was awarded honorary doctorate from University of the Visual and Performing Arts.[15][11]


Playback singingEdit

Year Film Notes
1958 Sohoyuro
1958 Shobha
1958 Daskama
1960 Vana Mala
1961 Daruwa Kageda?
1961 Vaedi Bima
1962 Sansare
1962 Suhada Divi Piduma
1963 Sudu Sande Kalu Wala
1963 Sikuru Tharuwa
1964 Kala Kala De Pala Pala De
1964 Dheewarayo
1964 Sulalitha Sobhani
1964 Suba Sarana Sepa Sithe
1964 Samiya Birindage Deviyaya
1964 Sithaka Mahima
1964 Sujage Rahasa
1965 Sudo Sudu
1965 Yata Giya Dawasa
1965 Hithata Hitha
1965 Allapu Gedara
1965 Satha Panaha
1965 Sweep Ticket
1965 Sekaya
1965 Landaka Mahima
1966 Segawena Sewanella
1966 Maha Ra Hamuwu Sthriya [16]
1966 Mahadena Muththa
1966 Athulweema Thahanam
1966 Sihina Hathak
1966 Kinkini Paada
1966 Kapatikama
1966 Seegiri Kashyapa
1966 Parasathu Mal [17]
1966 Sudu Duwa
1966 Sanda Nega Eddi
1966 Layata Laya
1967 Hathara Kendare
1967 Manamalayo
1967 Daru Duka
1967 Segawunu Menika
1967 Amathaka Unada
1967 Pipena Kumudu
1967 Magul Poruwa
1967 Sarana
1967 Saru Bima
1967 Ran Rasa
1967 Ipadune Ai?
1967 Iwasana Dana
1967 Sura Chauraya
1968 Pini Bindu
1968 Singithi Surathal
1968 Punchi Baba
1968 London Hamu
1968 Amathikama
1968 Hangi Hora
1968 Indunila
1968 Ruhunu Kumari
1968 Dehadaka Duka
1968 Adarawanthayo
1968 Ataweni Pudumaya
1969 Oba Nathinam
1969 Kohomada Wede
1969 Narilatha
1969 Hari Maga
1969 Hathara Peraliya
1969 Baduth Ekka Horu
1969 Surayangeth Suraya
1969 Binaramali
1969 Uthum Sthriya
1969 Pancha
1970 Lakseta Kodiya
1970 Dan Mathakada
1970 Athma Pooja
1970 Geetha
1970 Suli Sulang
1971 Kesara Sinhayo
1972 Sujeewa
1972 Singapore Charlie
1972 Hithaka Pipunu Mal
1972 Hathara Wate
1972 Veeduru Gewal
1972 Me Desa Kumatada
1973 Matara Achchi
1973 Thushara
1973 Gopalu Handa
1973 Hathdinnath Tharu
1973 Sunethra
1974 Surekha
1974 Hadawath Naththo
1974 Kalyani Ganga
1974 Susee
1974 Senakeliya
1975 Hitha Honda Minihek
1975 Aese Idiripita
1975 Obai Mamai
1975 Kaliyuga Kale
1975 Raththaran Amma
1975 Sukiri Kella
1975 Kohoma Kiyannada
1975 Cyril Malli
1975 Lassana Kella
1976 Pradeepe Ma Wewa
1976 Ganga
1976 Harima Badu Thunak
1976 Duhulu Malak
1976 Loka Horu
1976 Haratha Hathara
1976 Asha
1976 Hariyata Hari
1976 Mangala
1977 Neela
1977 Sakunthala
1977 Sudu Paraviyo
1977 Deviyani Oba Kohida
1977 Yali Ipade
1977 Aege Adara Kathawa
1977 Tom Pachaya
1977 Niwena Ginna
1977 Yakadaya
1978 Chandi Shyama
1978 Mage Ran Putha
1978 Deepanjali
1978 Apeksha
1978 Kumara Kumariyo
1979 Minisun Athara Minisek
1979 Palagetiyo
1979 Anusha
1979 Subhani
1980 Kanchana
1980 Silva
1980 Anuhasa
1980 Sasaraka Pathum
1980 Mage Amma
1980 Hondin Inna
1980 Miyurige Kathawa
1981 Sayuru Thera
1981 Ajasaththa
1981 Ek Dawasak Ra
1981 Senasuma
1981 Sudda
1982 Mihidum Sihina
1982 Sandaa
1982 Re Manamali
1982 Pradeepa
1982 Situ Diyaniyo
1982 Miss Mallika
1982 Kadawunu Poronduwa remake
1983 Chandira
1984 Kokila
1984 Namal Renu
1984 Hadawathaka Wedana
1985 Aeya Waradida Oba Kiyanna
1985 Adarayaka Mahima
1986 Mal Warusa
1986 Dew Duwa
1989 Okkoma Rajawaru
1989 Shakthiya Obai Amme
1990 Veera Udara
1992 Malsara Dhoni
1993 Jeevan Malli
1993 Come or Go Chikago
1994 Nohadan Landune
1994 Soorayangeth Sooraya
1998 Aeya Obata Barai
2001 Daru Upatha
2003 Cheriyo Holman
2016 Jeewithe Lassanai

Playback film tracksEdit

Year Film Song Duet Ref.
1970 Geetha Pena Pena Ena [18]
Masitha Vil Thera Chanchala We with H. R. Jothipala
1970 Suli Sulang Kohedo Kohedo Aetha with H. R. Jothipala [19]
1971 Kesara Sinhayo Heeneki Jeewithe [20]
1972 Sujeewa Atha Wana Petha Sarasala [21]
1972 Singapore Charlie Wasanthaye Jeewana Liya Gomuwe with Tony Hassan [21]
Aradhana Se Hamuwanna with Nihal Jayawardena
1972 Hithaka Pipunu Mal Chanchala Nu Pura Kinkini [22]
Tamil song
1972 Hathara Wate Sakwala Gala Mepita Upan with Sanath Nandasiri, Narada Disasekara, K. Sena [22]
1972 Veeduru Gewal Geewith Yauwana Yame with Harun Lanthra [22]
Ma Thani Vee
1972 Me Desa Kumatada Ghana Andhakarayen Midi with H. R. Jothipala [22]
1973 Matara Achchi Sandun Sihina Sihil Arana [23]
1973 Thushara Ran Tharu Se with Harun Lanthra [23]
Kawudo Me Awe with H. R. Jothipala, Angeline Gunathilake
1973 Gopalu Handa Gantheere Gangawe with Harun Lanthra [24]
Tharuna Sithaka Arume
Kaansiye Mahansiye with R. Muttusamy
Mandire Pem Sendelle with Harun Lanthra
1974 Surekha Oba Mage Nam Mama Obe Nam with H. R. Jothipala [25]
1974 Hadawath Naththo Udagirin Paaya Dinapathida [25]
1974 Kalyani Ganga Puthune Me Ahaganna Puthune [26]
1974 Susee Dan Dan Awile Gini [27]
Pudumai Hari Pudumai
1974 Senakeliya Sithuvili Yahanaka Sethapena with Milton Mallawarachchi [28]
Bol Pini Meda
1975 Hitha Honda Minihek Ma Gee Gayana Mohothakado [29]
Mage Ahinsaka Podi Duwe with H. R. Jothipala
1975 Aese Idiripita Laye Miyagiya Mage Sihine [29]
1975 Obai Mamai Madara Mal Kumari with H. R. Jothipala [30]
Anuraga Otunu Peladi with H. R. Jothipala
Kuludul Wanamal Malwara with H. R. Jothipala
1975 Kaliyuga Kale Hemin Hemin Depa Thiya [30]
1975 Raththaran Amma Hada Sal Gase Ethena with H. R. Jothipala [30]
1975 Sukiri Kella Seedevi Gimhana Kale with H. R. Jothipala [30]
Seedevi Geta Awe
Tharupathi Wata Tharu Keta
1975 Kohoma Kiyannada Nawa Sanda Pun Sanda Wei with Milton Perera [30]
Mediyam Ra Diyaweddi
Neth Basin Kee Hangum
1975 Cyril Malli Pegena Apa Hata Athwel [30]
1976 Harima Badu Thunak Muwe Mee Nura Ken [31]
1976 Duhulu Malak Bonda Meedum Kandurelle [32]
1976 Loka Horu Randola Gebaki with Milton Perera [32]
1976 Haratha Hathara Atha Bhawaye Rama Seetha with Victor Rathnayake [32]
Johana Kenadi with Freddy Silva
1976 Asha Athura Supem Kekulu with Victor Rathnayake [32]
1976 Hariyata Hari Methek Helu Duk Kanduleli [33]
1976 Mangala Selena Hadawathe [34]
Kuludul Adare Rahasa Denuna with Milton Mallawarachchi
1977 Neela Sondure Hadamal Hee Wedila with H. R. Jothipala [35]
Aradhana Sansaraye
1977 Sakunthala Athmayen Athmayata with H. R. Jothipala [35]
Herde Rasa Malige
Adara Lowe Asiri with H. R. Jothipala
Seethala Rate Meeduma Wete
Seethala Pawe Mal Samaye with Victor Rathnayake
1977 Sudu Paraviyo Visithuru Sihina Lowe with H. R. Jothipala [36]
1977 Deviyani Oba Kohida Adara Poojasane with Victor Rathnayake [37]
1977 Yali Ipade Sansare Vindi Sahane with Milton Perera [38]
Puruwe Athmayaka Bedi
1977 Aege Adara Kathawa Oba Mage Neth Deka Wage with H. R. Jothipala, Siri Perera [39]
Oba Mage Neth Deka Wage
1977 Tom Pachaya Hade Prema Asha with H. R. Jothipala [39]
Nona Kageda Kage with Milton Perera, Angeline Gunathilake, Freddy Silva
1977 Niwena Ginna Chanchala Desaka Wasana with Victor Rathnayake [39]
Hadak Soyan Yamin Gaman with Victor Rathnayake
1977 Yakadaya Sithu De Pathu De Ituwi Yay with H. R. Jothipala [40]
Asha Reli Dese Weli with H. R. Jothipala
1978 Chandi Shyama Karumeki Upanne Lowe [40]
Ho Enu Mena Lanvila with H. R. Jothipala
1978 Mage Ran Putha Sanda Paaya with Sisira Senaratne [41]
1978 Deepanjali Sanda Paane Madahase with H. R. Jothipala [42]
1978 Apeksha Sonduru Lowata Mal Wehela with H. R. Jothipala [42]
1978 Kumara Kumariyo Neela Desa Thavuthisawe with Milton Mallawarachchi [42]
Supem Sendelle with H. R. Jothipala, Milton Mallawarachchi, Angeline Gunathilake
1979 Minisun Athara Minisek Ma Pethum Pirena Vilase with H. R. Jothipala [43]
Mage Mathake Obe Ruwa Aede with H. R. Jothipala
1979 Palagetiyo Mal Pipunata Lowa with Victor Rathnayake [44]
1979 Anusha Saman Sugande Wimasanna with H. R. Jothipala, Indrani Perera [45]
Kumareki Inne Kumariye with Roy de Silva
1979 Subhani Neela Nayana Sele with H. R. Jothipala [46]
1980 Kanchana Jeewana Hada Ambare with Milton Mallawarachchi [47]
1980 Silva Piyum Vile Pini Kandule with H. R. Jothipala [47]
1980 Sasaraka Pathum Sasara Thurulle with H. R. Jothipala [48]
1980 Mage Amma Natala Gayala Weda Keruwa with Harun Lanthra [49]
1980 Hondin Inna Balaporoththuwe Sihina Malu [50]
Diwa Re Deke with Harun Lanthra
1980 Miyurige Kathawa Sudo Mama Adarei [50]
1981 Ajasaththa Magadha Desha Bimbisara [51]
1981 Ek Dawasak Ra Edath Mage Adath Mage [52]
1981 Senasuma Adaraye Mal Pipila with H. R. Jothipala [52]
Podi Puthu Randa
1982 Sandaa Vile Mukulu Vila Mathupita [53]
1982 Re Manamali Muthulelle Me Ahunado [54]
1982 Pradeepa Malsara Hee Dahare with Asoka Ponnamperuma [55]
Ambiliya Gena
1982 Situ Diyaniyo Paabedi Noopura Minigigiri [56]
1982 Mihidum Sihina Seetha Hima Relle with H. R. Jothipala [57]
1982 Miss Mallika Ai Oba Mata Metharam with H. R. Jothipala [58]
1982 Kadawunu Poronduwa Is Issara Wela with Eddie Jayamanne [59]
1983 Chandira Man Romeo with Gratien Ananda, Gunadasa Kapuge, Indra Liyanage [60]
1984 Kokila Aloke Jeewithe [61]
Mage Jeewithe Mage Adare with H. R. Jothipala, Harun Lanthra
Aho Kimado Mese Une
1984 Namal Renu Kuludul Noyidul Senehasa with H. R. Jothipala [61]
1985 Adarayaka Mahima Pipunu Mala Wage Suwadai with H. R. Jothipala [62]
Gimhana Yamaye
Hadaka Mahima Dehadak Ekvila with H. R. Jothipala
1986 Mal Warusa Mal Wesse Themi Themi with H. R. Jothipala [63]
1989 Okkoma Rajawaru Madhura Prema Nimnaye with Gratien Ananda [64]
1989 Shakthiya Obai Amme Akasa Nadee There with Tony Hassan [64]
Podi Puthu Ipadunu Dine with Tony Hassan, Uresha Ravihari
1990 Veera Udara Wasanawa Pedi [62]
Nisha Yame Hima Wala Theere with Gratien Ananda
Kurullaneni Kirilli Kohe with Gratien Ananda, Maya Damayanthi, Victor Vijayantha


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