Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) (Urdu: سوئی ناردرن گیس پائپ لائن لمیٹڈ) was incorporated as a private limited Company in 1963 and later converted into a public limited company in January 1964 under the Companies Act 1913 of British India, now The Companies Act 2017 of Pakistan, and is listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange.[2][3]

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited
IndustryOil & Gas
HeadquartersHead Office in Lahore, Pakistan
Area served
Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Azad Kashmir & Islamabad
Key people
  • Ali J. Hamdani (Managing Director)
  • Amer Tufail (Deputy Managing Director Services)
ProductsNatural Gas Transmission & Distribution
RevenueIncrease 744.555 billion (US$3.3 billion)

Gas Sales: Increase 618.527 billion (US$2.7 billion) (2020)[1]
Increase 5.998 billion (US$26 million) (2020)[1]
Number of employees
8,872 (2020)[1]

SNGPL provides gas to 16 regions. It has 5.3 million consumers.[4]

Main Transmissions regions of SNGPL are Faisalabad, Lahore, Multan, and Wah. The maximum diameter used in transmission Pipelines is round about 42 inches.

SNGPL takes gas in 2 ways. The first one is 'System Gas' and the second is 'RLNG'. In the case of System Gas, the gas obtained from our resources is about 750-800 mmcd. While in the case of RLNG (Re-gasified Liquified Natural gas), we import gas from foreign countries in the form of liquid in a closed container. Then we re-gasify it and convert this liquid into gas. Its quantity is about 100 mmcd.

The Company took over the existing Sui-Multan System with 217 miles (349 km) of 16 inches (410 mm) and 80 miles (130 km) of 10 inches (250 mm) diameter pipelines from Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) and Dhulian-Rawalpindi-Wah system with 82 miles (132 km) of 6 inches (150 mm) diameter pipeline from Attock Oil Company. The Company's commercial operations commenced by selling an average of 1.3 million cubic metres (47 million cubic feet) per day gas in two regions viz. Multan and Rawalpindi.[4]


Head office of Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited Plant in Gilgit branch

Company Registration Number: CUIN-0043761

National Tax Number(NTN): 0801137-7

Unaccounted for Gas (UfG)Edit

The Unaccounted for Gas (UfG) of Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) is growing exponentially. The UfG has increased to 11.9 percent of SSGC in financial year 2020-21. The permissible limit of UfG is seven percent[5]

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