Sugaya Yakata

Sugaya Yakata (菅谷館, Sugaya Yakata) was a castle structure in Hiki, Saitama prefecture Japan. The site was designated a National Historic Site. It has been said that Sugaya yakata was originally Hatakeyama Shigetada`s fortified residence but until now, no relics from that period have been found in excavations.[1][2]

Sugaya Yakata
Hiki District, Saitama, Japan
Sugaya-yakata Castle 01.JPG
Moat and eathe wall of Sugaya Yakata
TypeHirajiro style castle
Site information
OwnerUesugi clan?, Later Hōjō clan?
Site history
Built byHatakeyama Shigetada?
Garrison information
Hatakeyama Shigetada?

Sugaya Yakata is now only ruins with earthen walls and a dry moat. Saitama Prefectural Ranzan Historical Museum is on site.[3]

Sugaya Yakata was listed as one of the Continued Top 100 Japanese Castles in 2017.[4]

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