Empress Sugabala or Sügebala (Chinese: 速哥八剌, Mongolian: Сугабал, died 1327) was an Empress consort of the Yuan dynasty, married to Gegeen Khan (Emperor Yingzong).

Empress of China and Khatun of Mongols
PredecessorEmpress Radnashiri
SuccessorEmpress Babukhan Khatun
SpouseGegeen Khan
Posthumous name
Empress Zhuāngjìngyì Shèng (庄静懿圣皇后)


She was born to Ashi Küregen from Ikires clan of Khongirad tribe and Princess Ilig Qaya, daughter of Temür Khan. His father Ashi was grandson of Maizhuhan, brother of Zhenge. He had 7 brothers and a sister - Yilianzhenbala, who was khatun of Yesün Temür. She was created empress in 1321 but this lasted short as Gegeen Khan was assassinated 2 years later. She was given posthumous title Empress Zhuāngjìngyì Shèng (Chinese: 庄静懿圣皇后; lit. 'Sedate, quite, beautiful and holy empress') by Yesün Temür after her death.[1]


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