Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service

Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service is the statutory fire and rescue service covering Suffolk in East Anglia, England.[1] It was formed in 1948 as the Suffolk & Ipswich Fire Service, before changing after the 1974 Local Government Review to 'Suffolk Fire Service'. Following the 2004 Fire & Rescue Services Act, the service name was changed to Suffolk Fire & Rescue Service to better reflect its role.

Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service
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Operational area
Country United Kingdom
Country England
County Suffolk
Agency overview
Chief Fire OfficerMark Hardingham
Facilities and equipment
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Fire Stations/AppliancesEdit

Station Callsign Station Name Duty System Appliances
S01 Ipswich East Wholetime/Retained/Cross-Crewed* 2x WrL, 1x ALP, 1x FESU
S02 Woodbridge Retained 1x WrL, 1x CSU*
S03 Ipswich (Princes Street) Wholetime/Retained/Cross-Crewed* 1x WrL, 1x EPRT, 1x MOG
S04 Holbrook Retained/Cross-Crewed 1x WrL, 1x PM+MDD, 1x PM+MDR
S05 Framlingham Retained 1x WrL
S06 Felixstowe Retained 1x WrL. 1x CWrL
S07 Orford Retained 1x CWrL
S08 Aldeburgh Retained 1x WrL
S09 Leiston Retained 1x PRT, 1x WrC
S10 Saxmundham Retained 1x WrT
S11 Wrentham Retained 1x LRP
S12 Reydon & Southwold Retained 1x WrL
S13 Halesworth Retained 1x WrL
S14 Bungay Retained 1x WrL
S15 Beccles Retained 1x WrL, 1x CSU
S16 North Lowestoft Retained 1x WrL
S18 Stradbroke Retained 1x PRT
S19 Eye Retained 1x CWrL
S20 Debenham Retained 1x CWrL
S21 Needham Market Retained 1x WrL LH*
S22 Stowmarket Retained 1x PRT LH*
S23 Hadleigh Retained 1x WrL
S24 Nayland Retained 1x WrL
S25 Sudbury Retained 1x WrL, 1x PRT
S26 Long Melford Retained 1x WrL
S27 Clare Retained 1x CWrL
S28 Haverhill Day-Crewed/Retained 1x WrT, 1x PRT, 1x OSU
S29 Wickhambrook Retained 1x WrL
S30 Bury St. Edmunds Wholetime/Retained/Cross-Crewed* 1x WrL, 1x CARP, 1x EPRT, 1x MOG
S31 Elmswell Retained 1x WrL
S32 Ixworth Retained 1x WrL, 1x CSU
S33 Brandon Retained 1x WrL
S34 Mildenhall Retained 1x WrL
S35 Newmarket Day-Crewed/Retained 1x WrL, 1x PRT, 1x WrC
S36 Lowestoft South Wholetime/Retained/Cross-Crewed* 1x WrL, 1x EPRT, 1x WRU+IRBT, 1x MOG

Fire Appliance Glossary/CallsignsEdit

  • Compact Water Rescue Ladder (CWrL)/ Water Rescue Tender (WrT): P1 (Only Saxmundham still operate a full sized WrT appliance without a 135 ladder)
  • Light Rescue Pump (LRP): P2
  • Water Rescue Ladder (WrL): P3
  • Enhanced Pump Rescue Tender (EPRT): R5
  • Pump Rescue Tender (PRT): P5
  • Combined Aerial Rescue Pump (CARP): A6
  • Aerial Ladder Platform (ALP): A6
  • Water Carrier (WrC): W7
  • Water Rescue Unit + Inshore Rescue Boat (WRU+IRBT): R8
  • Command Support Unit (CSU): C9
  • Fire & Emergency Support Unit (FESU): S8
  • Operational Support Unit (OSU): S9
  • Unimog (MOG): T9

CBRN Response:

  • Prime Mover + Mass Decontamination Disrobe (PM+MDD): T6
  • Prime Mover + Mass Decontamination Re-robe (PM+MDR): T7


  • LH*: Low Height Appliance
  • CSU*: Command Support Unit + Drone Unit

Notable IncidentsEdit

  • 2010 - Little Cornard derailment - 21 people injured after train derails on level crossing after a collision with a tanker[2]
  • 2010 - Lowestoft - over 100 firefighters in attendance at a meat processing factory fire[3]
  • 2011 - Ipswich - Psychiatric hospital fire. Patient nearly died after the fire alarm was ignored 8 times[4]
  • 2012 - Hadleigh - 10 crews attend fuel tankers on fire[5]
  • 2015 - Sudbury - 100 firefighters attend Nail bar fire[6]

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