Sud Radio Transmitter Pic Blanc

Sud Radio Transmitter Pic Blanc is a facility for high power medium wave broadcasting located on Pic Blanc, a 2,650-metre-high (8,690 ft) mountain at 1°43'1"E and 42°32'5"N in Andorra. Whilst in operation, it was the highest medium wave transmitting station in Europe. It was built in 1972 by Sud Radio and uses a directional antenna consisting of two free-standing 86 metre tall lattice towers. One of these towers is insulated against ground, while the other one is grounded and carries a cage aerial.

The transmitter worked on 819 kHz with a power of 900 kilowatts. It was shut down in November 1981. As replacement, a small transmitter at Gauré near Toulouse was built.

Now the facility is abandoned and one of the two towers has been partly dismantled.

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42°32′5″N 1°43′1″E / 42.53472°N 1.71694°E / 42.53472; 1.71694