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Subterranean Records is an independent record label based in San Francisco, California. Founded by Steve Tupper and a then partner, Michael Fox in 1979,[1] it focused on that city's underground punk and industrial music scene.

Subterranean and fellow punk/alt/underground San Francisco label Alternative Tentacles both sprang forth from the DIY punk movement in 1979, and were quite successful on college and community radio stations in the US. These labels helped define the San Francisco punk movement. Subterranean was the more avant garde of the two. While originally just focused on documenting and promoting the SF area, over the years Subterranean has released records by artists from many areas and genres. Like many small DIY labels, Steve Tupper noted that bands were chosen based on his musical tastes.[2]

Subterranean had a small storefront record shop on Valencia Street for about 4 years, from about 1984 to 1988.[3]

The label has released a number of important underground albums, most notably four LPs by the band Flipper. The Dead Kennedys also released an important single on the label.


This list is organized by catalog number, a roughly chronological number system established by the label and typically printed on or assigned to each official release.

Year No. Artist Title Co-releases & Re-releases
1979 SUB01 Various Artists SF Underground (7" EP)
1980 SUB02 Society Dog Working Class People (7" EP)
1980 SUB03 Various Artists Live At Target (LP)
1980 SUB04 The Jars Start Rite Now (7" single)
1980 SUB05 Bay Of Pigs Addiction / Aliens (7" single)
1980 SUB06 Tools Hard Wark / The Road Forever (7" single)
1981 SUB07 Flipper Love Canal / Ha Ha Ha (7" single)
1981 SUB08 Various artists Club Foot (LP)
1980 SUB09 No Alternative Backtracks (7" single)
1980 SUB10 Various Artists S.F. Underground 2 (7" EP)
1981 SUB11 Tools #3 E.P. (7" EP)
1981 SUB12 Ultrasheen City Boy (7" EP)
1981 SUB13 Society Dog ...Off Of The Leash (7" EP)
1981 SUB14 Stefan Weisser Poextensions & Contexts (7" single)
1983 SUB14-2 Stefan Weisser Editeditions Contexts (7" single)
1981 SUB15 Various Artists Red Spot (LP)
1981 SUB16 Various Artists Arizona Disease (7" EP)
1981 SUB17 The Witch Trials The Witch Trials (LP) Alternative Tentacles & New Rose Records
1981 SUB18 Minimal Man The Shroud Of (LP)
1981 SUB19 Pre Fix Underneathica / Ectomorphine (7" single)
1981 SUB20 Inflatable Boy Clams Inflatable Boy Clams (2x7" EP)
1981 SUB21 Nervous Gender Music From Hell (LP)
1981 SUB22 Wilma Pornography Lies (7" single)
1981 SUB23 Flipper Sexbomb / Brainwash (7" single)
1981 SUB24 Dead Kennedys Nazi Punks Fuck Off! / Moral Majority (7" single) Alternative Tentacles
1981 none Factrix Cazazza Night Of The Succubus (VHS)
1982 SUB25 Flipper Album Generic Flipper (LP)
1982 SUB26 Factrix Cazazza California Babylon (LP)
1982 SUB27 Code Of Honor / Sick Pleasure Fight Or Die / Dolls Under Control (LP)
1982 SUB28 Tom Tadlock Body Ad / Poker Keno (7" single)
1986 SUB29 Stefan Weisser Life Sentence — An uns Retrospective (cassette box)
1982 SUB30 Z'EV Elemental Music (LP)
1982 SUB31 Chrome Box (5xLP) Cleopatra Records
1983 SUB32 Negative Trend Negative Trend (aka: We Don't Play We Riot 12") (7" EP) 2.13.61 Records
1985 SUB33 Z'EV My Favorite Things (LP)
1982 SUB34 Chrome Anorexic Sacrifice (7" single)
1982 SUB35 Flipper Get Away (7" single)
1982 SUB36 Code Of Honor What Are We Gonna Do? (7" single)
1983 SUB37 Tana Emmolo-Smith / Joseph T. Jacobs Prescient Dreams / Zanoni (7" single)
1983 SUB38 Lose What’s Your Name? / Waking To Sleep (7" single)
1983 SUB39 Sick Pleasure Sick Pleasure (7" EP)
1983 SUB40 The Leather Nun Prime Mover (7" single) Scabri Records
1983 SUB41 Arkansaw Man Every Job (7" single)
1983 UR 3996 Minimal Man Two Little Skeletons / Tired Death (7" single)
1984 SUB42 Flipper Gone Fishin' (LP) Fundamental Records, Domino Recording Company
1984 SUB43 Code Of Honor Beware The Savage Jaw (LP)
1984 SUB44 Pop-O-Pies Joe's Second Record (12" EP)
1984 SUB45 Longshoremen Grr Huh Yeah (LP)
1984 SUB46 Frightwig Cat Farm Faboo (LP)
1985 SUB47 Rod Myers & The Ramps / The Corvettes Wheelchair / Maybellene (7" single)
1985 SUB48 Psyclones Psyclones (LP)
1985 SUB49 Helios Creed X-Rated Fairy Tales (LP) Fundamental Records, Lilith Records
1985 SUB50 Wilma Wilma (LP)
1985 SUB51 The Muskrats Rock Is Dead (LP)
1985 SUB52 Pop-O-Pies Joe's Third Record (LP)
1986 SUB53 Flipper Public Flipper Limited (2xLP) Domino Recording Company, Fundamental Records
1986 SUB54 Longshoremen Walk The Plank (LP) Eva Records
1986 SUB55 Polkacide Polkacide (LP)
1986 SUB56 Controlled Bleeding Core (LP) Ultra-Mail Prod.
1987 SUB57 Any Three Initials Ruins Of America (EP) MEKA Records
1987 SUB58 The Muskrats Soul Francisco (EP)
1987 SUB59 Flipper Sex Bomb Baby (LP) Domino Recording Company
1987 SUB60 Low Flying Aircraft Low Flying Aircraft (LP) Red Hot Records, Core Records
1988 SUB61 Housecoat Project Wide Eye Doo Dat (LP)
1989 SUB62 Helios Creed Superior Catholic Finger (LP) Lilith Records
1987 SUB63 Penelope Houston Birdboys (EP) Round Tower Records
1989 SUB64 Terminators Of Endearment Stranger In The Manger (7" single)
1989 SUB65 Various Artists Devouring Our Roots (LP)
2010 SUB66 Housecoat Project Girlfiend (LP)
1990 SUB67 Controlled Bleeding Hog Floor (A Fractured View) (LP)
1989 SUB68 Various Artists Dry Lungs IV (LP)
1990 SUB69 Caroliner Rainbow Stewed Angel Skins I'm Armed With Quarts Of Blood (LP)
1990 SUB70 Flipper Some Day / Distant Illusion (7" single)
1992 SUB71 Kathleen Yearwood Dead Branches Make A Noise (LP) Voice Of The Turtle Records
1992 SUB72 Various Artists Dry Lungs V (2xCD)
1992 SUB74 Angel'in Heavy Syrup Angel'in Heavy Syrup (CD)
2008 SUB75 Caroliner Rainbow Susans And Bruisins The Cooking Stove Beast (CD) Nuf Sed Records
1996 SUB76 Kathleen Yearwood Little Misery Birds (EP) Voice Of The Turtle Records
2001 SUB77 The Lewd Lewd Conduct In A Public Place! (LP)
2005 SUB78 Code Of Honor Complete Studio Recordings 1982-1984 (CD)


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