Subhakankshalu is a 1997 (transl. Greetings) Telugu-language comedy-drama film, produced by N. V. Prasad and S. Naga Ashok Kumar under the Sri Sai Deva Productions banner and directed by Bhimaneni Srinivasa Rao. It stars Jagapati Babu, Ravali, Raasi in the lead roles and music jointly composed by Koti & S. A. Rajkumar.[2] The film is remake of the 1996 Tamil movie Poove Unakkaga.[3]

DVD cover
Directed byBhimaneni Srinivasa Rao
Produced byN. V. Prasad
S. Naga Ashok kumar
Written byChintapalli Ramana
Marudhuri Raja (dialogues)
Screenplay byBhimaneni Srinivasa Rao
Story byVikraman
Based onPoove Unakkaga (Tamil)
StarringJagapathi Babu
Music byKoti
S. A. Rajkumar
Edited byGautham Raju
Sri Sai Deva Productions
Release date
  • 14 January 1997 (1997-01-14)
Running time
154 minutes


The film begins with a story between two families, Christians and Hindus: Stephen (Nagesh) and Seetaramaiah (Satyanarayana) have been best friends since college and so have their respective sons, Moses (Anand Raj) and Balaramaiah (Devan). Moses' younger brother, Robert (Maharshi Raghava) and Balaramaiah's younger sister, Janaki (Rajitha) fall in love with each other. Against their families' wishes, they elope. Ever since then, a feud has been going between the two families.

25 years later, Chandu (Jagapati Babu) comes to the village and announces that he is the son of Robert and Janaki along with his friend Gopi (Sudhakar). He wants to reconcile the feuding families. Chandu stays in the house of the loud and frightful Nadabrahmam (AVS). He gradually endears himself to both families. Later, both his grandmothers suggest marriage. To avoid the situation, Gopi suggests that Chandu tell them that he is married. Chandu decides that this is the only way, thus lying that he is married to a Hindu-Christian like himself, Nirmala Mary.

Suddenly, Nirmala Mary (Ravali) arrives. Chandu is confused, as she was just a figment of his imagination. After several encounters, Nirmala Mary comes clean with Chandu, telling him that she is the only child of Robert and Janaki. She then confronts Chandu, asking him why he wants to unite the two families. Then Chandu reveals his past.

Chandu while living in the city, he lived next to a ladies' hostel, where Nandini (Raasi) daughter of Balaramaiah, was his resident. As she and her friends were trying to find a good song for a competition, Chandu indirectly helps her and falls in love with her. However, she treats him as only a good friend. When Chandu was about to confess his love for her, Nandini instead tells him about her love for Lawrence, Moses' son. Hearing their plan to marry without their parents' consent due to the Robert-Janaki problem, Chandu volunteers to unite the families so that they can marry with the blessings of their families.

After listening to this Nirmala respects Chandu's character of making his lovers marriage with her lover and she also volunteers him and they carry out the mission. Meanwhile, Balaramaiah learns of Nandini and Lawrence's love. The news spreads quickly like wildfire and both families now think they have run away and want to kill the members of the other family. Meanwhile, Chandu has reconciled the grandparents of the two families. Only the fathers and the lovers are his main concern. In the end, he manages to unite the lovers and their families in a logical manner.

After the marriage, the truth of Chandu's appearance is revealed, by the arrival of Robert and Janaki. Later, the families ask him to marry Nirmala (whose actual name is Priyadarshini) to make him a member of their family. However, he refuses, telling them that he loved a girl and does not want to think of anyone else.



Soundtrack album by
Released1996 (1996)
GenreFeature film soundtrack
LabelShivani Audio Company
Koti chronology
S. A. Rajkumar chronology

Music composed by Koti and S. A. Rajkumar. All songs are blockbusters. Music released on Shivani Audio Company. Rajkumar borrowed many of the songs from the original version.

1."Gundeninda Gudigantalu"Sirivennela Sitarama SastryS. P. Balu, Renuka4:30
2."Manasa Palakave"Sirivennela Sitarama SastryS. P. Balu, Chitra5:10
3."Addanki Chera"Shanmukha SharmaS. P. Balu, Chitra4:46
4."Ananda Ananda (F)"Shanmukha SharmaChitra5:08
5."Panchavannela Chilaka"Sirivennela Sitarama SastryMano, Sujatha3:43
6."O Pori Panipuri"Bhuvana ChandraS. A. Rajkumar4:11
7."Ananda Ananda (M)"Shanmukha SharmaS. P. Balu5:03
Total length:32:40


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