Subdivisions of Bulgaria

Subdivisions of Bulgaria:


After the liberation of Bulgaria, the country administrative were divided to 12 provinces (Bulgarian: губернии).

Okrazhiya and departmentsEdit

After 1880 Kingdom of Bulgaria were separated to 21 Okrazhiya (in English: regimental). During the years to 1885 Eastern Rumelia, where were living Bulgarians (around 92%) administrative separated to 6 departments.


Level Subdivisions #
NUTS 1 Regions (Rajoni) 2
NUTS 2 Planning regions (Rajoni za planirane) 6
NUTS 3 Oblasts (Podregiony) 28
Level Subdivisions #
LAU 1 Municipalities (Obshtini) 264
LAU 2 Settlements (Naseleni mesta) 5329

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