Suan Lum Night Bazaar Ratchadaphisek

Suan Lum Night Bazaar Ratchadaphisek or The Bazaar Ratchadaphisek (Thai: สวนลุมไนท์บาซาร์ รัชดาภิเษก) is a mixed-use complex comprising The Bazaar Hotel that accommodates up to 800 rooms, Podstel Hostel Bangkok that hosts over 100 beds, offices, municipal shops, restaurants, a 24-hour supermarket and convenience stores, street food stalls, Bangkok Sky Gym and pool, Top Fight Muay Thai gyms, and a 450-seat theater. Upon completion, the building is one of the longest in length in Bangkok, stretching 1.5 kilometres.[2]

Suan Lum Night Bazaar Ratchada
LocationRatchadaphisek Road, Chatuchak District, Bangkok, Thailand
Coordinates13°48′17″N 100°34′29″E / 13.8047°N 100.5746°E / 13.8047; 100.5746Coordinates: 13°48′17″N 100°34′29″E / 13.8047°N 100.5746°E / 13.8047; 100.5746
Opening date23 December 2015[1]
DeveloperPCon Development
ManagementPairojana Toongtong
OwnerPCon Development
No. of stores and services150
Parking1000 + 20 for tourbuses

Suan Lum Night BazaarEdit

The developer of this project is the same owner of Suan Lum Night Bazaar, next to Lumpini Park in Bangkok. Due to the expired lease PCon Development (the owner of Suan Lum) is building this large scale mall and open air market. Some of the vendors of Suan Lum Night Bazaar will move to this new location. The landlord of the former location is the Crown Property Bureau which leased the land to Central Group.[3]

Ratchada Night MarketEdit

Already present at the new location, under the same developer, was the Ratchada Night Market. In 2010–2012, most vendors closed down to make way for the new construction of the mall and open-air market. Many relocated to the Train Night Market or Siam Gypsy Junction.


Bus number 8, 27, 44, 73, 92, 96, 145, 191, 186, 502, 514, 545
MRT Ladprao (exit 1) MRT Ratchadaphiesk


The market has two zones, indoors and outdoors. Vendors indoors sell a variety of souvenirs, home decorations, arts, clothes, shoes, and other tourist goods. The outdoor zone includes local food stalls, a variety of restaurants, a sports bar, and Boots and 7-11 convenience stores.


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