Styles of wrestling

Amateur freestyle wrestling

The various styles of wrestling include:

and some styles exist or have existed in more than one of these three broad categories. Where this is the case and an article exists, it may appear in and be linked to from two or more of the lists below.

Note particularly that the phrase professional wrestling normally refers to a sports entertainment style, but can also refer to the professional level of wrestling as a competitive sport.[1]

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A competitor at national level Greco-Roman wrestling scores five points for lifting his opponent off the mat
Oil wrestling


Professional sumo wrestling
  • Sumo in Japan is the most popular form of competitive wrestling at a professional level
  • Lucha libre was once a competitive sport, but is now a sports entertainment
  • Catch as Catch Can

Sports entertainmentEdit

The term sports entertainment was coined to describe the sports spectacles promoted by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).[2] These matches are not competitive, but are a scripted and rehearsed entertainment. The rules are not always clear and are generally ignored in any case.[3] The term is now used to describe all staged wrestling matches and similar versions of other sports.[4]

In the context of sports entertainment, the term professional wrestling is used both to mean all staged forms of wrestling, and also more specifically for those of the particular style developed by WWE.

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Styles no longer widely practised in amateur, professional or staged form, although some historical recreations may occur




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