Strunz & Farah

Strunz & Farah is a guitar duo with an eclectic sound that has been described as a cross between world fusion and flamenco.[1]

Strunz & Farah
OriginLos Angeles, California, United States
GenresFlamenco, World, Jazz, Latin, Instrumental
Years active1979–present
LabelsSelva, Milestone, AudioQuest, Mesa
MembersJorge Strunz
Ardeshir Farah


Jorge Strunz, born in Costa Rica, and Ardeshir Farah, hailing from Iran, met in the United States in 1979. Jorge Strunz was one of the founders of the Latin jazz band Caldera. Caldera combined jazz, funk and rock with a wide variety of Latin music, influenced by 1970s fusion explorers like Return to Forever and Weather Report. The four albums Caldera released (none of which have been reissued on CD) did not sell, and the band called it quits in 1979.

Having both played guitar professionally since their early teens, Strunz and Iranian guitarist Ardeshir Farah soon teamed up and released their self-produced first album, "Mosaico", in 1980, which started their own label, Selva Records. They soon caught the attention of Richard Bock, an important figure in jazz radio, who helped the duo land a contract with the jazz label Milestone. As a musical duo, Strunz and Farah drew upon their collective musical influences, such as Paco de Lucía, Sabicas, Chick Corea and Persian classical music to create a unique sound that incorporates elements of Flamenco, Persian rhythms and Jazz.[2]

Strunz & Farah have since released nineteen recordings together, several albums as a duo and collaborating with Rubén Blades ("Joseph and His Brothers" BMG, 1993), Luis Conté (percussion on their debut album, "Mosaico") and with L. Subramaniam on two tracks ("Confluence" and "Shadow of Heaven") on their debut recording, "Mosaico". Throughout their career, Strunz & Farah have collaborated with a number of other artists, combining a variety of musical traditions through their work. Past collaborators include Manoochehr Sadeghi on their second studio album, Frontera, Hayedeh on their third studio album, Guitarras, Humberto "Nengue" Hernandez on their ninth studio album, Wild Muse, and Keyavash Nourai and Diego "El Negro" Alvarez on their latest studio album, Tales of Two Guitars.[3]

The duo also worked with Sting on the album The Living Sea: Soundtrack from the IMAX Film as session musicians.

Their latest album, "Tales of Two Guitars", was released on July 20, 2018.


Studio albumsEdit

  • Mosaico (1982)
  • Frontera (1984)
  • Guitarras (1985)
  • Misterio (1989)
  • Primal Magic (1990)
  • Américas (1992) Nominated for a Grammy Award for Best World Music Album of the Year
  • Heat of the Sun (1995)
  • Live (1997)
  • Wild Muse (1998)
  • The Best of Strunz & Farah (2000)
  • Stringweave (2001)
  • Strunz & Farah In Performance (2003); DVD
  • Rio de Colores (2003)
  • Zona Tórrida (2004)
  • Desert Guitars (2005)
  • Jungle Guitars (2006)
  • Fantaseo (2006)
  • Journey Around the Sun (2011)
  • Moods and Visions (2014)
  • Tales of Two Guitars (2018)

Jorge StrunzEdit

  • Neotropical Nocturnes (2010)

As featured artistsEdit

Other Compilation AppearancesEdit

  • Guitar Music For Small Rooms (1997) (WEA)
  • Gypsy Passion: New Flamenco (1997) (Narada)
  • Gypsy Soul: New Flamenco (1998) (Narada)
  • Gypsy Fire (2000) (Narada)
  • Guitar Greats: The Best of New Flamenco - Volume I (2000) (Baja/TSR Records)
  • Camino Latino / Latin Journey - Liona Maria Boyd (2002) (Moston)
  • The World Of The Spanish Guitar Vol. 1 (2011) (Higher Octave Music)

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