Streets of Broken Lights

Streets of Broken Lights (Russian: Улицы разбитых фонарей, romanizedUlitsy razbitykh fonarey) is a Russian criminal drama-detective TV series anthology about police work in Saint-Petersburg. The pilot episode, known as Menty (Russian: Менты, literally "Cops") premiered in 1995, while the initial series ran for 16 nonconsecutive seasons from 1998 to 2019, with 500 episodes released overall and making it the longest crime series in Russia.[1][2] The series eventually spun off two more shows with same and new characters: Deadly Force (2000—2005) and Bandit Petersburg (2000—2007).

Streets of Broken Lights
Streets of Broken Lights.jpg
Season 12 DVD cover (2012)
Written byAndrey Kivinov
Alexander Rogozhkin
Sergey Seyranyan
Kirill Kapitsa
Vitaly Aksyonov
Directed byAlexander Rogozhkin
Dmitry Svetozarov
Kirill Kapitsa
StarringYury Kuznetsov
Alexander Polovtsev
Mikhail Truhin
Alexander Lykov
Alexey Nilov
Sergei Selin
Anastasia Melnikova
Leonid Kuravlyov
Yevgeny Dyatlov
Oskar Kuchera
Boris Cherdyntsev
Country of originRussia
Original languageRussian
ProducerAlexander Kapitsa
Original release4 January 1998 (1998-01-04) –
June 2019 (2019-06)
Related showsDeadly Force
Bandit Petersburg


The main series recounts everyday life of a typical district police establishment in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Police officers have to face uneasy duties, some must go undercover, while others do mostly forensic work. Streets of Broken Lights was inspired in part by a similar series called Petrovka-38, recounting everyday work of a similar unit in Moscow; in part by the blatant crime rate of the 1990s in Russia. Many fictitious cases presented in the show are based on real life cases having occurred during that dangerous period.


  • Grand Prix at the First Interstate (April 1999)
  • Award TEFI in the nomination best TV show of the year (May 1999)[2]
  • Award TEFI in nomination best feature TV series (May 1999)[2]


Main seriesEdit

Documentary seriesEdit

  • Chronicles of the Deadly Department (2004–2007)
  • Liteyny, 4 / Liteyny (2009–2014)

Standalone filmEdit

  • Insurers (2011)


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