Streets (ice cream)

Streets is an Australian ice-cream brand owned by the multi-national British-Dutch company Unilever. It is part of Unilever's ice cream brand Heartbrand. The company is in a long-term contract with dairy company Dairy Farmers.

Streets Ice Cream
IndustryFood processing
Founded1934; 86 years ago (1934) in Corrimal, New South Wales, Australia
FounderEdwin 'Ted' Street
ProductsIce cream
BrandsPaddle Pop, Golden Gaytime, Cornetto, Magnum, Splice, Viennetta, Bubble O' Bill
Number of employees
201[1] (2017)

In 2017 Unilever applied to the Fair Work Commission to terminate the current enterprise agreement on wages and conditions and return factory workers to award conditions. The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union, which represents the workers, warned that they face a pay cut of up to 46 per cent. The union called on Australians to boycott Streets products in protest.[2] A settlement was negotiated in November 2017.[3]

Founding and historyEdit

Streets was founded in Corrimal, New South Wales, in the 1930s by Edwin "Ted" Street and his wife Daisy. He set up a distribution depot at Bexley and then a factory where products were manufactured in the Sydney suburb of Turrella until 1996, when production moved to a new facility in Minto. Today most cream-based products are produced at Minto, while water-based products are imported from China.[4]

Streets introduced the Paddle Pop in 1953, and sold over ninety million units by century's end. It is per capita the world's best selling ice cream.[5]


The logo that it uses is the same Heartbrand logo that HB Ice Cream in Ireland use, Wall's ice cream, Good Humor, GB Glace, Selecta, Kibon and Algida use in the United Kingdom, United States, Sweden, Philippines, Brazil and Argentina, and Italy respectively; all brands are owned by Unilever.[6]

Brands / ProductsEdit

The following are some of the brands/products sold under the Streets name.[7]


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