Stree Sahasam

Stree Sahasam (transl. Women's Adventure) is a 1951 Telugu-language swashbuckler film, produced and directed by Vedantam Raghavaiah under the Vinoda Pictures banner.[2] It stars Akkineni Nageswara Rao and Anjali Devi , with music composed by C. R. Subburaman.[3][4]

Stree Sahasam
Stree Sahasam.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byVedantam Raghavaiah
Written bySamudrala Sr (dialogues)
Produced byVedantam Raghavaiah
StarringAkkineni Nageswara Rao
Anjali Devi
CinematographyB. S. Ranga
Edited byP. V. Narayana
Music byC. R. Subburaman
Vinoda Pictures[1]
Distributed byPoorna Films
Release date
  • 9 August 1951 (1951-08-09)


Once upon a time, there was a kingdom, its King Mahavira (C.S.R.) announces Swayamvaram i.e. one's own choice of selecting bride to his son Prince Raja Shekara (Akkineni Nageswara Rao), without his wish. Princesses of various kingdoms arrive for the ceremony, where Raja Shekara makes 3 conditions to them. The bride should build a diamond palace to him without the help of her parents or in-laws, she should become pregnant with him without his knowledge, and she should allow him to marry the girl whoever he loves. Princess Manohari (Anjali Devi) agrees for it and marries him. Soon after, Raja Shekara reaches Pakshirajyam along with his friend Ammanna (Relangi), where he falls in love with Pakshiraja's daughter Komali (Girija) and in her association he forgets Manohari. On the other side, to keep her promise, Manohari performs the dance programs to build the diamond palace. Meanwhile, she finds the whereabouts of Raja Shekara and immediately reaches Pakshirajyam along with her friend Rani (Surya Prabha), where its commander in chief Dandayya mistakes Rani as the Queen and Manohari as the maid. As Dandayya is attracted to Rani, he requests Manohari to make acquaintance with the Queen, then Manohari makes a condition to build a diamond Palace for her and he does so.

At the same time, Pakshiraja suffers from an ulcer on his back which does not heal from any treatment, so, he announces that whoever gets medicine for it, he will make his daughter's marriage with him. On that night, Manohari and Rani in disguise as men, see Raja Shekara and Komali in the garden when they come to know regarding the illness of the King and also listens to the remedy for it through bird speakers. After facing many troubles, they achieve the medicine, cure the King's disease and take Komali away. Knowing this, Raja Shekara faints when Rani takes him to there place, in the darkness, he mistakes Manohari as Komali and sexually interacted with her. Next day morning, Manohari leaves that place and goes back to her in-law's house. Meanwhile, Dandayya silently observes the movement of Raja Shekara and Komali and capture them. He keeps Raja Shekara in the prison and forces Komali to marry him by keeping her in a cave. Eventually, Ammanna releases Raja Shekara and they return to their kingdom. Rani follows Dandayya, with the help of Pakshiraja she protects Komali and gets Dandayya arrested. By the time Raja Shekara reaches their kingdom, Manohari gives birth to a baby boy. Seeing it, Raja Shekara becomes furious and orders his men to burn her. The rest of the story is how Manohari proves her honor.



Producer: D.L. Narayana

  • Banner: Vinoda Pictures
  • Release Date: 9 August 1951


Stree Sahasam
Film score by
ProducerC. R. Subburaman

Music composed by C. R. Subburaman. Lyrics were written by Samudrala Sr. Music released on Audio Company.

S. No. Song Title Singers length
1 "Aalinchave Palinchave" P. Leela 2:55
2 "Andaala Raja" Jikki & S. Dakshinamurthi 3:23
3 "Jaanatanamunanu Nanemunanu" Jikki 3:07
4 "Kalalaku Ranulu" P. Leela 2:25
5 "Kaluvala" 2:26
6 "Nallamalaa Yellamala" Jikki 3:21
7 "Oogaraa Rathanala Papa" P. Leela 3:08
8 "Siri Siri Hayi" Jikki 3:29
9 "Vidhiye Pagaye" Jikki & S. Dakshinamurthi 3:48
10 "Idhe Idhe Anandha Midhe"
11 "Ee Vanka Aa Vanka"
12 "Oohu Hu Oohu"
13 "Okate Sunna Jeeva"
14 "O Maarajullara"
15 "Tingu Rangayya"
16 "Lalanamani O Ramania"


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