Strategic Plans Division Force

Strategic Plans Division Force or (SPD Force) is Pakistan's agency responsible for protection of its tactical and strategic nuclear weapons stockpile and the strategic assets.[2][3] It is the security branch of the National Command Authority (NCA),[4]

SPD Force
Founded2 February 2000 (20 years ago) (2000-02-02)
Country Pakistan
BranchNational Command Authority
Garrison/HQJoint Staff Headquarters Chaklala, Rawalpindi
Director GeneralLt. Gen Nadeem Zaki Manj


The force's primary task is provision of security to country's strategic infrastructure such as nuclear[5] and missile research and production sites, space installations etc.


The force is commanded by serving Lieutenant General of Pakistan Army who acts as Director General of Strategic Plans Division.[6] There are four security directorates for each strategic organization and each directorate is led by Brigadier.[7]

Initially, manpower for security of country's strategic assets was provided by Pakistan's Armed Forces[7] but now SPD has started hiring its own personnel. The selection standards in terms of intelligence and physical standards for these candidates are even higher than army due to very sensitive nature of their duty. At start, these recruits were trained at Pakistan Army's training centers[7] but since 2012 SPD has been training these recruits in its own academy known as Pakistan’s Centre of Excellence for Nuclear Security (PCENS)[8][9] located in Chakri near Rawalpindi.[10] This training facility is modeled on US National Nuclear Security Administration's academy.[7]

Special Response ForceEdit

Special Response Force (SRF) is the special forces unit[11] of SPD Force with the strength of 25,000 personnel.[12]


SPD Force's primary weapons are G3, Type 56 and Type 81 assault rifles.

Director Generals SPDEdit

Director General Start of Term End of Term
Major-General Ziauddin Butt 1990 1992
Lieutenant-General Zulfikar Ali Khan 1992 2001
Lieutenant-General Khalid Kidwai February 2000 December 2013
Lieutenant-General Zubair Mahmood Hayat December 2013 April 2015
Lieutenant-General Mazhar Jamil April 2015 September 2017
Lieutenant-General Sarfraz Sattar September 2017 November 2019 [13]
Lieutenant-General Nadeem Zaki Manj November 2019 Till Date


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