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Store Styggedalstinden

Store Styggedalstind, is the fourth-highest summit in Norway, located within the Hurrungane mountains, which are part of the Jotunheimen mountain range. The mountain is located in the eastern part of the municipality of Luster in Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway. This mountain is directly between the mountains Sentraltind and Jervvasstind.[1]

Store Styggedalstinden
Gjertvasstind og Styggedalstind.jpg
Styggedalstind to the right. Jervvasstind on the left. Seen from Fannaråki.
Highest point
Elevation2,387 m (7,831 ft)
Prominence155 m (509 ft)
Listing4 at List of mountains in Norway by height
Coordinates61°27′52″N 07°54′05″E / 61.46444°N 7.90139°E / 61.46444; 7.90139Coordinates: 61°27′52″N 07°54′05″E / 61.46444°N 7.90139°E / 61.46444; 7.90139
Store Styggedalstinden is located in Sogn og Fjordane
Store Styggedalstinden
Store Styggedalstinden
Location in Sogn og Fjordane
LocationLuster, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway
Parent rangeJotunheimen
Topo map1517 IV Hurrungane
First ascent6 August 1883 by Carl Christian Hall and Mathias Soggemoen
Easiest routeHiking and ice climbing

There are two summits on Store Styggedalstind:

  • The eastern summit is 2,387 metres (7,831 ft), with a primary factor of 155 metres (509 ft)
  • The western summit is 300 metres (980 ft) away from the eastern summit, and it is 2,370 metres (7,780 ft), with a primary factor of 25 metres (82 ft).


The first element of the name is the genitive form of the valley name Styggedalen and the last element is the finite form of tind which means "mountain peak'. The name of the valley is a compound of stygg which means "ugly" or "bad" and the finite form of dal which means "dale" or "valley".


The ascent is relatively challenging. There are three possibilities, in increasing order of difficulty:

  • Climb via Jervvasstind (Norway's 12th-highest peak), originating in Skogadalsbøen
  • Traverse the Jervvassbreen glacier and climb from there
  • Climb all the peaks from Store Skagastølstind (Norway's third highest peak at 2,405 m or 7,890 ft) across to the summit—the so-called Styggedal traverse. It is a multi-day trek across Store Skagastølstind, Vetle Skagastølstind (18th-highest peak at 2,340 m or 7,680 ft), Sentraltind (13th-highest peak at 2,348 m or 7,703 ft), the eastern and then western summits of Styggedalstind, and then descending from Jervvasstind (12th-highest peak at 2,351 m or 7,713 ft)—bagging 6 of Norway's 20 tallest peaks in one trip.


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