Stolin District

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Stolin District or Stolinski Rayon (Belarusian: Столінскі раён, romanizedStolinski rajon; Russian: Сто́линский райо́н, romanizedStolinsky rayon) is district (raion) in the southeast of the Brest Region, Belarus. Its administrative center is in the city of Stolin. The region has a population of 89,000 people, of which 26,300 people live in urban areas.

Stolin District

Столінскі раён (Belarusian)
Сто́линский райо́н (Russian)
Coat of arms of Stolin District
Coat of arms
Location of Stolin District
Country Belarus
RegionFlag of Brest Voblast, Belarus.svg Brest
 • ChairmanGrigory Vasilevich Protosovitsky[1]
 • District3,342.06 km2 (1,290.38 sq mi)
 • District73,331
 • Density22/km2 (57/sq mi)
 • Urban
 • Rural
Ethnic Composition
 • Belarusian97.28%
 • Russian1.15%
 • Other1.57%
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Area code(s)1655
Rural Councils19
WebsiteOfficial website


It was established on January 15, 1940.


The Stolin raion covers 3342 km2. and borders the country of Ukraine to its south.


At the time of the Belarus Census (2009), Stolin Raion had a population of 80,695. Of these, 97.3% were of Belarusian, 1.2% Russian and 0.9% Ukrainian ethnicity. 83.2% spoke Belarusian and 14.7% Russian as their native language.

Administrative DivisionsEdit

The district is subdivided into 2 cities and 19 village councils, which administer a total of 97 settlements (1 urban and 96 rural).[5] The two cities are Stolin, the administrative center of the district, and Davyd-Haradok. There is one urban-class village, Rechytsa, which is classified as a worker settlement.

Name Belorusian Russian Status Settlements
Stolin Столін Столин city of rayon sub-ordinance
Davyd-Haradok Давыд-Гарадок Давид-Городок city of rayon sub-ordinance
Byelavusha Белавушскі сельсавет Белоушский сельский Совет village council 2
Byerazhnoye Беражноўскі сельсавет Бережновский сельский Совет village council 6
Vyalikaye Malyeshava Велікамалешаўскі сельсавет Большемалешевский сельский Совет village council 5
Vyelyamichy Веляміцкі сельсавет Велемичский сельский Совет village council 4
Vidziborats Відзіборскі сельсавет Видиборский сельский Совет village council 11
Hlinka Глінкаўскі сельсавет Глинковский сельский Совет village council 5
Haradnaya Гараднянскі сельсавет Городнянский сельский Совет village council 7
Lyadzyets Лядзецкі сельсавет Лядецкий сельский Совет village council 4
Man'kavitsy Манькавіцкі сельсавет Маньковичский сельский Совет village council 2
Al'shany Альшанскі сельсавет Ольшанский сельский Совет village council 3
Plotnitsa Плотніцкі сельсавет Плотницкий сельский Совет village council 5
Radchytsk Радчыцкі сельсавет Радчицкий сельский Совет village council 5
Ramyel' Рамельскі сельсавет Ремельский сельский Совет village council 4
Rubyel' Рубельскі сельсавет Рубельский сельский Совет village council 2
Rukhcha Рухчанскі сельсавет Рухчанский сельский Совет village council 6
Struga Стружскі сельсавет Стружский сельский Совет village council 11
Fyodory Фядорскі сельсавет Федорский сельский Совет village council 2
Kharomsk Харомскі сельсавет Хоромский сельский Совет village council 5
Rechytsa Рэчыцкі сельсавет Речицкий сельский Совет village council 8
Historical population

Notable peopleEdit


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Coordinates: 51°54′01″N 26°51′22″E / 51.90028°N 26.85611°E / 51.90028; 26.85611