Stockholms Dagblad

Stockholms Dagblad was a conservative morning newspaper published in Stockholm between 1824 and 1931.

Stockholms Dagblad
Stockholms Dagblad.png
TypeDaily newspaper
Founded2 January 1824
Political alignmentConservative
Ceased publication19 September 1931
HeadquartersStockholm, Sweden

History and profileEdit

Stockholms Dagblad was established on 2 January 1824 as a newspaper for the Swedish capital.[1][2] Under the editorship of Jonas Adolf Walldén, the newspaper developed into a content-rich paper chiefly designated for news. In the 1870s, the editor-in-chief Vilhelm Walldén transformed Stockholms Dagblad into one of Sweden's most influential newspapers.[3] The paper was one of the right-wing publications in Stockholm.[4]

In 1884, Stockholms Dagblad was purchased by a consortium consisting of Elis Fischer, Gustaf Holm, Axel Lundvall and Axel Weinberg.[5]

Stockholms Dagblad was in the latter half of the 1920s converted into the tabloid newspaper format, and was the first in this respect. The last issue was published on 19 September 1931 and then, the newspaper was merged with Stockholms-Tidningen.[3]


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