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Stig Håkan Larsson is a Swedish writer of novels, dramas, poetry, political essays and short stories, film writer, director and actor.

Stig Larsson
Born Stig Håkan Larsson
(1955-07-20) 20 July 1955 (age 62)
Skellefteå, Sweden
Occupation novelist, poet, film director
Nationality Swedish
Period 1979–2012
Genre Literary
Notable works



Larsson was born on 20 July 1955, in Skellefteå, Västerbottens län. He grew up in Umeå and currently lives in Stockholm.

In the late 1970s, his namesake and friend, Stieg Larsson, ne Stig, the well-known author of the Millennium series, changed slightly the spelling of his first name to avoid confusion with Stig, by then a well-known writer.[1][2]

Larsson was member of the Kris editorial staff.[3]

His first success was in 1979 with Autisterna, since, Stig Larsson has established himself as one of Sweden's best-known and influential authors. "His instinct for psychological and emotional violence has been compared[by whom?] to that of August Strindberg and Ingmar Bergman."[4] He has published over 20 books including novels, short stories, and poetry collections. He has also written and directed internationally successful stage plays such as Vd and Systrar, bröder. In 1989, he wrote and directed his feature film debut Ängel, followed by The Rabbit Man in 1990. He has directed TV movies such as Under isen (1991) and Nigger (1991), and written screenplays for films such as Kristian Petris's acclaimed Sommaren (1995).[5]



  • CNUT: The Isiaih Prophecies (#1)
  • CNUT: Paid in Spades (#2)
  • CNUT: The Sin Debt (#3)
  • CNUT: They Tumble Headlong (#4)
  • (English translations Copyright written by Stig Larsson Translated byTony Nash June 2017.)


  • Minuterna före blicken, 1981
  • Den andra resan, 1982
  • Samtidigt, på olika platser, 1985
  • Deras ordning, 1987
  • Händ!, 1988
  • Ändras, 1990
  • Ett kommande arbete, 1991
  • Uttal, 1992
  • En andra resa, 1993 (collection)
  • Likar, 1993
  • Ordningen, 1994 (collection)
  • Matar, 1995
  • Natta de mina, 1997
  • Wokas lax?, 1998
  • Helhjärtad tanke, 1999
  • Avklädda på ett fält, 2000


  • VD, 1987
  • Pjäser, 1991
  • Realism: två pjäser och ett filmmanus, 2011

Journalism and essaysEdit

  • Artiklar 1975–2004, 2006
  • Folk på ön – With photographs by Ulla Montan, 2017



1988 VD (TV movie) (play / screenplay)
1989 Ängel (writer)
1989 Miraklet i Valby (writer)
1990 The Rabbit Man (Kaninmannen)
1995 Svinet (TV film)
1995 Sommaren
1997 Grötbögen (TV film)
2000 Jesus lever (TV film)
2009 Metropía (screenplay)


1988 VD (TV play)
1989 Ängel
1990 Nigger (TV film)
1990 The Rabbit Man (Kaninmannen)
1991 Under isen (TV film)
2007 August (TV film)


1984 The Element of Crime (Forbrydelsens element) (Coroner's Assistant)
1989 Ängel (Stig)
2006 Sök (Bo)


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