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Steve Ma Jingtao (Chinese: 馬景濤; born 14 February 1962) is a Taiwanese actor best known for acting in many Taiwanese, mainland Chinese and Singaporean television series since the early 1990s.[2][3] Most of the more notable television series he acted in are of the wuxia and historical drama genres. Some of his notable roles in television series include: Zhang Wuji in The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber (1994); Lü Dongbin in Legend of the Eight Immortals (1999); Linghu Chong in The Legendary Swordsman (2000); Dorgon in Xiaozhuang Mishi (2002); Nurhaci in Taizu Mishi (2005); King Zhou of Shang in The Legend and the Hero (2007).

Steve Ma
Born (1962-02-14) 14 February 1962 (age 59)
Alma materNational Taichung Second Senior High School
Taipei World News Vocational School
Years active1984–present
Tang Yun
(m. 1990⁠–⁠1993)

Wu Jia'ni
(m. 2007⁠–⁠2017)
Musical career
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese馬景濤
Simplified Chinese马景涛

Early lifeEdit

Ma was born and raised in Taichung County, Taiwan, as the second of four children in his family. His ancestral home is in Suizhong County, Liaoning, China. He attended National Taichung Second Senior High School and graduated from Taipei World News Vocational School's Department of Radio and Television with a certificate in journalism.


Ma started his acting career by appearing in minor roles in Taiwanese television series such as The Former Husband, The Morning Fog and Guilty, before making his film debut in Spring Swallow in 1989. In the same year, he was nominated for the Golden Bell Award for Best Actor for portraying Zhang Changgui in Spring Come Again After Leave. He was nominated for the Golden Bell Award for Best Actor again in 1990 for his role as Luo Zhigang in Xue Ke.

In 1994, Ma starred as Zhang Wuji alongside Hong Kong actresses Kathy Chow and Cecilia Yip in the Taiwanese wuxia television series The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, an adaptation of the wuxia novel of the same title by Louis Cha. In 1998, he portrayed Lü Dongbin, one of the Eight Immortals in Chinese mythology, in the Singaporean television series Legend of the Eight Immortals. In 2000, he starred as Linghu Chong in the Singaporean television series The Legendary Swordsman, an adaptation of the wuxia novel The Smiling, Proud Wanderer by Louis Cha.

Ma became more prominent in television after portraying the Qing dynasty regent Dorgon in the 2002 Chinese historical television series Xiaozhuang Mishi, which reached the top position in viewership when it was aired in mainland China and Taiwan. In 2003, he portrayed the Qing dynasty prince Yunreng in Huang Taizi Mishi.[4] He starred as Nurhaci, the founder of the Qing dynasty, in the 2005 Chinese television series Taizu Mishi.

In 2007, Ma starred as the antagonist King Zhou of Shang in The Legend and the Hero, a 2007 Chinese television series adapted from the 16th century Chinese mythological fantasy novel Fengshen Yanyi.[5] In 2012, he appeared as King Fuchai of Wu in the Chinese historical television series The Legend of Xishi.

Personal lifeEdit

Ma was twice married. His first marriage was to Tang Yun (唐韻) and they have a daughter, Ma Shiyuan (馬世媛; born 1991).[6] After divorcing Tang in 1993, he married Chinese actress Wu Jia'ni (吳佳妮) in 2007; the couple divorced in 2017. They have two children, Ma Shitian (馬世天) and Ma Shixin (馬世心).[7][8]



Year English Title Chinese Title Role Notes
1989 Spring Swallow 晚春情事
1990 Honor Thy Father 感恩岁月
1991 When Dreams Come True 明月几时圆
1994 海角危情 Du Weigen
2012 Lu Junyi 玉麒麟卢俊义 Lu Junyi
2015 Baby, Sorry 宝贝,对不起


Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1984 星星的故乡 Jiang Yiping
1985 The Morning Fog 晓雾
孤剑恩仇记 Qiu Dongli
1986 实习医生的故事
Guilty 罪爱
梧桐夜雨 Kang Yizhen
1987 绮夫人的故事
The Former Husband 前夫
冷月孤星剑 Qin Bin
1988 意乱情迷 Fang Jiazhi
谁杀了大明星 Yang Ming
1989 Spring Come Again After Leave 春去春又回 Zhang Changgui
缘定今生 Song Yalun
情深无怨尤 Wen Lichen
1990 Xue Ke 雪珂 Luo Zhigang
家有贵夫 Feng Fan'gao
没有合约的爱情 Wei Changfeng/ Wei Changlin
末代儿女情 Tong Cheng'en
刺客列传 Crown Prince Dan
1991 七亿新娘 Li Xiang
1992 戏说慈喜 Sushun
Green Green Grass By The River 青青河边草 He Shiwei
1993 梅花三弄:梅花烙 Hao Zhen
梅花三弄:水云间 Mei Ruohong
1994 The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber 倚天屠龙记 Zhang Cuishan/ Zhang Wuji
人面桃花 Cui Hu
1995 Huang Feihong and Shi Sanyi 黄飞鸿与十三姨 Qi Tianci
今生今世 Ye Yilong/ Liu Hanxing
包青天之侠骨神算 Shao Yong
1996 The New Longmen Roadhouse 新龙门客栈 Zhou Huai'an
The Good Old Days 再见艳阳天 Fong Ho Sang/ Chen Kang
计中计状元财之偷天换日 Fu Jingyang
1997 Love Is Payable 侬本多情 Bai Lang
Fated Love 天长地久 Fu Sounam
1998 Legend of the Eight Immortals 东游记 Lü Dongbin
明天有你 Liang Guanglei
1999 The Legendary Swordsman 笑傲江湖 Linghu Chong
2000 奈何花 Xu Tingwen
新蜀山剑侠 Ding Yin
2001 家族利益 Liu Shishen
移山倒海樊梨花 Xue Dingshan/Xiang Yu
The Legendary Siblings 绝世双骄 Ba Dao guest
2002 Xiaozhuang Mishi 孝庄秘史 Dorgon
春花秋月 Liu Zhenbang
2003 Huang Taizi Mishi 皇太子秘史 Yunreng
Love in a Miracle 爱在有情天 Sum Yau Yin / Suen Yau Yin
2004 魔界之龙珠 Cha Mulong
为你燃烧 Wen Feng
2005 Taizu Mishi 太祖祕史 Nurhaci
The Jade King 翡翠王 Tang Yuren
The Legend and the Hero 封神榜封神榜 King Zhou of Shang
2008 东归英雄 Wobaxi
一路夫妻 Qiu Yingjie
2011 The Legend of Xishi 西施秘史 King Fuchai of Wu


Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1992 Death of a Salesman 推销员之死 Buf
2008 Like Shadows 如影随行 Da Qiao

Awards and nominationsEdit

Year Title Award Result
1989 Spring Come Again After Leave Golden Bell Award for Best Actor Nominated
1990 Xue Ke Golden Bell Award for Best Actor Nominated
2005 Drama Festival - Favorite Actor Won
2012 Anhui Television - Asian Idol Award Won


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