Steve Garfield is a videographer and video blogger based in Boston, Massachusetts. Known for shows such as New Mediacracy, in 2009 Garfield was inducted into the International Academy of Web Television.[2]

Steve Garfield
Steve Garfield.jpg
Born1957/1958 (age 61–62)[1]
Occupationvideographer, video blogger


One of the Internet's first video bloggers, Garfield began experimenting with the technique in 2002 and launched his own video blog on January 1, 2004.[1]

Garfield is a former producer of the Boston-based Karlson and McKenzie radio show. He has produced his own video blog programs, including The Carol & Steve Show and Vlog Soup. On February 3, 2005, Garfield posted what is believed to be the first video blog from a United States elected politician, Boston City Councilor John Tobin. He has also contributed video to Rocketboom.[2]

In 2006, Garfield co-founded the podcast New Mediacracy along with Steve Woolf & Zadi Diaz of Epic Fu.[3] The podcast features candid discussions about online video and new media, and often features popular web series creators as guests.[4]

In 2009, Steve was inducted into the International Academy of Web Television.[2]


Garfield wrote the book, Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business,[5] which is the second in a series that David Meerman Scott edits for John Wiley & Sons called The New Rules of Social Media.[6]


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