Steve Edwards (singer)

Stephen Neil Edwards (8 May 1980), better known by his stage name Steve Edwards, is an English House music singer-songwriter from Sheffield, England. He has collaborated with several house music producers.

Steve Edwards
Birth nameStephen Neil Edwards
Born8 May 1980
Sheffield, England
Years active1993–present
Associated actsMichael Gray, Bob Sinclar


During the 1990s, Edwards lent his collaborative efforts to British deep house musician, Charles Webster, the most notable being "Future Love", a track released by Presence, one of Webster's pseudonyms. He started appearing as a featured artist on tracks by the Problem Kids.

However, Edwards' first mainstream breakthrough was Cassius' "The Sound of Violence". The track, in which he shares credits with the French duo, went to number one on Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in 2002.[1] This was followed up in 2003 by "Falling Star", a minor club hit produced by Starchaser. In 2005 Steve Edwards' collaboration with Swedish producer Axwell brought him fame once again on a Latin-flavoured house hit "Watch The Sunrise". The track reached #3 on the UK Dance Singles Chart, as well as BBC Radio 1 Dance Chart.

In 2006 he returned to radioplay, after writing and providing vocals for Bob Sinclar's "World, Hold On". In this summer he also participated in Festivalbar 2006, an important music festival around the Italian squares.

In September 2006, Edwards released the single "Thru The Night". This was the first time he was credited as main artist, instead of featured artist. "Thru The Night" was produced and written together with fellow Sheffield resident, producer/guitarist Martin Smith - a long-standing collaborator with Steve Edwards. Together they have remixed and produced music for Bob Sinclar and many others. Steve has also co-produced the tracks "Fate" (with Starchaser) and "Walls of Science" (for singer Beth Wild). In February 2015 Melbourne duo, L'Tric, released their debut single titled "This Feeling" where Steve Edwards sang lead vocals.

Steve is currently lead singer in the Sheffield-based band Lords of Flatbush along with Andy Nicholson (ex-Arctic Monkeys), Louis Carnall (Milburn), Phil Jones and Nic Burke.



Main artistEdit

  • 2006 "Thru The Night" (co-written and produced by Martin Smith)
  • 2006 "DYOT (Do Your Own Thing)" (with DabHands, as DabHands & Steve Edwards)

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Non-featured vocalsEdit

  • 1995 On Productions - "Expanding Lion"
  • 1997 Presence - "Better Day"
  • 1999 Presence - "Future Love"
  • 1999 Presence - "Been 2 Long" (album track)
  • 1999 Presence - "Your Spirit" (album track)
  • 2001 Charles Webster - "Put Your Hurt Aside" (album track)
  • 2002 Fila Brazillia - "Spill the Beans" (album track)
  • 2002 Fila Brazillia - "We Build Arks" (album track)
  • 2002 Fila Brazillia - "Nightfall" (album track)
  • 2002 Fila Brazillia - "The Green Green Grass of Homegrown" (album track)
  • 2004 Bent - "Silent Life" (album track)
  • 2004 Lee Haslam - "Liberate"
  • 2006 Bob Sinclar - "In the Name of Love" (album track)
  • 2015 L'Tric - "This Feeling"

Back-up vocalsEdit

  • 1993 Supernature - "Friday People"
  • 1999 The All-Seeing I - "Walk Like a Panther"
  • 1999 The All-Seeing I - "No Return" (album track)
  • 1999 The All-Seeing I - "Sweet Music" (album track)
  • 1999 The All-Seeing I - "Stars on Sunday" (album track)
  • 2003 Moloko - "Familiar Feelings"
  • 2003 Moloko - "Forever More"
  • 2003 Moloko - "Cannot Contain This"
  • 2003 Moloko - "100%" (album track)
  • 2003 Moloko - "I Want You" (album track)
  • 2003 Moloko - "Over And Over" (album track)
  • 2004 Bent - "Sunday 29th" (album track)
  • 2004 Bent - "I Can't Believe It's Over"
  • 2007 Reverend And The Makers - "Open Your Window"
  • 2007 Reverend And The Makers - "Miss Brown"
  • 2014 Reverend And The Makers - "I Spy"


  • 2004 Black Spider feat. Beth Wild - "Heart of the Sun"
  • 2006 The Clubbers present Beth Wild - "Walls of Science"

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