Stereum hirsutum, commonly known as the false turkey tail,[1] hairy stereum,[2] or hairy curtain crust,[3] is a fungus typically forming multiple brackets on dead wood. It is also a plant pathogen infecting peach trees. S. hirsutum is in turn parasitised by certain other species such as the fungus Tremella aurantia.[4][5] Substrates for S. hirsutum include dead limbs and trunks of both hardwoods and conifers.[6]

Stereum hirsutum
Scientific classification Edit this classification
Domain: Eukaryota
Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Basidiomycota
Class: Agaricomycetes
Order: Russulales
Family: Stereaceae
Genus: Stereum
S. hirsutum
Binomial name
Stereum hirsutum
(Willd.) Pers. (1800)

Helvella acaulis Pers. (1778)
Auricularia reflexa Bull. (1786)
Thelephora hirsuta Willd. (1787)
Boletus auriformis Bolton (1788)
Auricularia aurantiaca Schumach. (1803)
Thelephora reflexa (Bull.) Lam. & DC. (1805)
Stereum hirsutum var. cristulatum Quél. (1872)
Stereum reflexum (Bull.) Sacc. (1916)

Stereum hirsutum
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Smooth hymenium
Cap is offset or indistinct
Hymenium is decurrent
Lacks a stipe
Spore print is white
Ecology is saprotrophic or parasitic
Edibility is inedible

The cap is 1–4 cm wide.[7] The spores are white.[7] It is inedible.[7]

Similar species include Stereum ochraceoflavum, Stereum ostrea, and Trametes versicolor.[7]


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