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Telos Publishing Ltd. is a publishing company, originally established by David J. Howe and Stephen James Walker, with their first publication being a horror anthology based on the television series Urban Gothic in 2001. The name comes from that of the fictional planet Telos from the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who.

Since being formed, Telos Publishing Ltd. has published a wide variety of works, from original novellas based on Doctor Who to original horror and fantasy novels. They also produce a variety of unofficial guide books to popular television and film series, as well as the Time Hunter series of novellas. Starburst magazine called them "perhaps the UK's best-known independent publishers of Doctor Who books".[1]

Telos have employed many unknown writers, and also publish work by known award-winning authors such as Graham Masterton and Simon Clark. They have also been nominated for a variety of awards in their own right, such as the Canadian Prix Aurora Award,[2] and the British Fantasy Awards, where they won the PS Publishing Award for Best Small Press in 2010[3] and 2011.[4] One of their publications, the Doctor Who novella Small Gods by Jonathan Blum and Kate Orman, won an Aurealis Award for Best Australian Science Fiction Novel, the first television tie-in to receive a major science-fiction award.[5] Christopher Fowler's novella Breathe won the British Fantasy Society Award for best novella in 2005.[6] In 2006, Telos' founders Howe and Walker won the World Fantasy Award for Best Non-Professional for their publishing work.[7]

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Time Hunter novellasEdit

A series focused on "time sensitive" Honoré Lechasseur and "time channeler" Emily Blandish, characters first introduced in Telos' Doctor Who novella The Cabinet of Light.


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