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Stephen IV of Moldavia (Moldavian: Ştefan IV), also called Ștefăniță (1506 – 14 January 1527) was Prince of Moldavia from 1517 to 1527. He succeeded to the throne as son of the previous ruler, Bogdan III cel Chior. Until 1523, he was under the regency of Luca Arbore, Gatekeeper of Suceava. He was the father of John III the Terrible.

Stephen IV
Stefan al IV-lea.jpg
Prince of Moldavia
Reign20 April 1517 – 14 January 1527
PredecessorBogdan III the One-Eyed
SuccessorPetru Rareș
Died14 January 1527
IssueJohn III the Terrible
FatherBogdan III the One-Eyed
Preceded by
Bogdan III cel Chior
Prince of Moldavia
Succeeded by
Petru IV Rareş