Stephen II of Auxonne

Stephen (or Étienne) II (died after 22 July 1173) from the House of Ivrea was count of Auxonne (1173-1237). He was Stephen II in his House and Stephen I as count of Auxonne.

Stephen II
Count of Auxonne
Blason Auxonne.svg
Coats-of-arms of Auxonne
Diedafter 22 July 1173
Noble familyHouse of Ivrea
Spouse(s)Judith of Lorraine
IssueStephen III of Auxonne
FatherWilliam III of Mâcon
MotherPoncette (or Adelheid/Alice) of Traves

He was the son of William III, count of Mâcon, Vienne and Auxonne and Adelaide-Pontia, heiress of Trier.[1]

His brother was Geraud; the two brothers succeeded their father on 1156.[2] Geraud inherited the counties of Mâcon and Vienne and Stephen II received the county of Auxonne from William III and the lordship of Traves from his mother.[2]

He died after 22 July 1173 and he succeeded by his only child, Stephen III.


He married c. 1170 to Judith, daughter of Matthias I, Duke of Lorraine[3] and he had:


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