Stein (surname)

Stein is a surname with different origins. It is a common German name. The name derived from German[1] ([ʃtaɪn]) means "stone" or "rock”. Additionally, the Scottish name (/stn/; also Steen) is a form of the name Steven.[2]

Notable people with the surname include:

Fictional charactersEdit

  • Chase Stein, a superhero in the Marvel Comics series Runaways
  • Franken Stein, a mad scientist in the manga and anime series Soul Eater
  • Franny K. Stein, the titular character of an ongoing children's series by Jim Benton
  • Martin Stein, one half of the original incarnation of the DC comics superhero Firestorm

See alsoEdit

  • Stine, a surname and given name


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