Stefan Vladar

Stefan Vladar (born in Vienna, 1965) is an Austrian pianist and conductor.[1]


Stefan began piano lessons at the age of six, and in 1973 he began studies at the Vienna University for Music and Arts; Renate Kramer-Preisenhammer and Hans Petermandl were two of his teachers.

In 1985 Vladar won Vienna's VII Ludwig van Beethoven piano competition. In 1992 he participated in My War Years, a Canadian docudrama about Arnold Schoenberg and this composer's way to atonality. Vladar was awarded the Mozartinterpretationspreis of the Mozartgemeinde Wien in 1994.[2] In addition to his concert career he's been the Grosses Orchester Graz principal conductor since 2002 and since 2008 principal conductor of the Vienna Chamber Orchestra.[3][4]


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