Stefan Tsanev

Stefan Nedelchev Tsanev (Bulgarian: Стефан Неделчев Цанев) (b. 7 August 1936) is a contemporary Bulgarian writer, known for his essays, plays,[1] poems, and historical novels.[2]

Stefan Tsanev
Born (1936-08-07) August 7, 1936 (age 85)
Chervena Voda,
near Rousse, Bulgaria
OccupationNovelist, essayist, playwright, poet
Genrepoem, novel

His books include Ubiytsite sa mezhdu nas (Bulgarian: Убийците са между нас; The killers are among us), and his plays, Istinskiyat Ivaylo (Bulgarian: Истинският Ивайло; The true Ivaylo), which was banned.[why?]

Tsanev's latest four-volume work, Bulgarian Chronicles, uncovers previously hidden facts, added to the well-known, in Bulgaria's history: 2137 BC to the present.[citation needed][3]


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