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Steer Creek (West Virginia)

Steer Creek is a tributary of the Little Kanawha River in central West Virginia in the United States. Via the Little Kanawha and Ohio rivers, it is part of the watershed of the Mississippi River, draining an area of 184 square miles (480 km2)[5] in a rural region on the unglaciated portion of the Allegheny Plateau. It is 6.3 miles (10.1 km) long, or 31.7 miles (51.0 km) long including its Right Fork.[6]

Steer Creek
Country United States
State West Virginia
Counties Gilmer, Calhoun
Source Right Fork Steer Creek
 - location western Braxton County
 - elevation 1,230 ft (375 m) [1]
 - length 25.4 mi (41 km)
 - coordinates 38°38′41″N 80°55′57″W / 38.6448192°N 80.9326051°W / 38.6448192; -80.9326051 [2]
Secondary source Left Fork Steer Creek
 - location central Braxton County
 - elevation 1,242 ft (379 m) [1]
 - length 24.5 mi (39 km)
 - coordinates 38°43′01″N 80°46′40″W / 38.717042°N 80.7778777°W / 38.717042; -80.7778777 [3]
Source confluence
 - location Stumptown, Gilmer County
 - elevation 696 ft (212 m) [2]
 - coordinates 38°50′41″N 80°59′27″W / 38.8448122°N 80.990942°W / 38.8448122; -80.990942 [4]
Mouth Little Kanawha River
 - location southeast of Grantsville, Calhoun County
 - elevation 673 ft (205 m) [4]
 - coordinates 38°52′27″N 81°03′24″W / 38.8742550°N 81.0567776°W / 38.8742550; -81.0567776Coordinates: 38°52′27″N 81°03′24″W / 38.8742550°N 81.0567776°W / 38.8742550; -81.0567776 [4]
Length 6.3 mi (10 km)
Basin 184 sq mi (477 km2)
Location of the mouth of Steer Creek in Calhoun County, West Virginia

Steer Creek is formed by the confluence of its Right Fork and its Left Fork:

  • The Right Fork Steer Creek,[2] 25.4 miles (40.9 km) long,[6] rises approximately 5 miles (8.0 km) northwest of Frametown in western Braxton County and flows generally north-northwestward into southern Gilmer County, through the communities of Tague, Rosedale, and Shock.[7]
  • The Left Fork Steer Creek,[3] 24.5 miles (39.4 km) long,[6] rises approximately 3 miles (4.8 km) north of Gassaway in central Braxton County and flows generally northwestward into southern Gilmer County, through the communities of Chapel, Normantown, and Lockney.[7]

The left and right forks converge at Stumptown and the main stem of Steer Creek flows west-northwestward into eastern Calhoun County, where it joins the Little Kanawha River approximately 4 miles (6.4 km) southeast of Grantsville.[7]

According to the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, approximately 91.1% of the Steer Creek watershed is forested, mostly deciduous. Approximately 8.7% is used for pasture and agriculture.[5]

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