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Stedman's Medical Dictionary is designed in a dictionary format to provide the language of medicine, nursing and the allied health profession. It is made up of terms, images and appendices. It can be used to look up medical terms, abbreviation, acronyms, measurements and more. Pronunciation and word etymology (showing mostly Latin and Greek prefix and roots) are also provided with most definitions. There are over 54,000 terms and 900 illustrations included in the current print edition of Stedman's Medical Dictionary. If a hard copy of the text is purchased, it comes with a CD that can be easily searched and navigated. The CD also includes audio pronunciation to all terms and even more images. Most of Stedman’s products can now be purchased in electronic only versions. These come with all the terms, definitions, images, appendixes with the benefits of electronic searching and networking.[1]


First produced as Dunglison’s New Dictionary of Medical Science and Literature in 1833 by Robley Dunglison (1789–1869). Robley Dunglison was a professor of medicine at the University of Virginia. He was the personal physician to presidents Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Jackson. In 1903 Thomas Lathrop Stedman became editor and made thorough revisions. The first edition of Stedman’s Medical Dictionary was published in 1911.[2] A concise version, Stedman's Concise Medical and Allied Health Dictionary, has also been published.[3]


The most currently edition is the 28th edition published in 2005. The edition added over 5,000 new terms and definitions, to total to more than 107,000 entries.[4]

27th Edition came out in 2000.

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