Provincial Council of Limburg

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The Provincial Council of Limburg (Dutch: Provinciale Staten van Limburg), also called Limburgs Parlement, are the provincial council for the Dutch province of Limburg. It forms the legislative body of the province. Its 47 seats are distributed every four years in provincial elections. Since December 2021, it has been chaired by Emile Roemer (SP).

The meeting place of the States of Limburg on the Meuse in Maastricht.

Current compositionEdit

Since the 2019 provincial elections, the seats of the Provincial Counil of Limburg are as following:

Christian Democratic Appeal84,94718.659–2
Forum for Democracy66,34314.577New
Party for Freedom61,70513.557–2
People's Party for Freedom and Democracy46,25410.1650
Socialist Party39,5278.684–4
Labour Party29,7246.533–1
Democrats 6626,4205.803–1
Local Limburg18,4744.062+1
Party for the Animals17,5123.842+1
Other parties9,1772.010–1
Valid votes455,47899.34
Invalid/blank votes3,0210.66
Total votes458,499100.00
Registered voters/turnout872,10052.57
Source: Kiesraad[1]

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