State Historical Society of Iowa

The State Historical Society of Iowa (SHSI), a division of the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs, serves as the official historical repository for the State of Iowa and also provides grants, public education, and outreach about Iowa history and archaeology. The SHSI maintains a museum, library, archives, and research center in Des Moines and a research library in Iowa City, as well as several historic sites in Iowa. It was founded in 1857 in Iowa City, where it was first affiliated with the University of Iowa. As the organization grew in size and collections, it became a separate state agency headquartered near the Iowa Capitol in Des Moines.[1][2]

Original Seal.
State Historical Society Building, Des Moines.

SHSI publicationsEdit

The SHSI currently publishes the Annals of Iowa.[3] In the past it published the Iowa Heritage Illustrated, Goldfinch, the Iowa Journal of History and Politics, and the Iowa Historical Record.[4] It also currently produces an e-newsletter, the Iowa Historian.[4]

State and federal regulationEdit

The SHSI is part of the Iowa Department of Cultural affairs, both organizations coordinate the State Historic Preservation Office of Iowa, Iowa's designated SHPO, which reviews state and federally mandated laws and regulations relating to historic and archaeological work.[5]

State Historical Museum of IowaEdit

Located in Des Moines, Iowa, the State Historical Museum of Iowa is the society's main museum. Exhibits show Iowa's growth and development and its citizens.

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