State Council of the Komi Republic

The State Council of the Komi Republic (Komi: Коми Республикаса Каналан Сöвет) is the unicameral legislature of the Komi Republic in Russia. Its thirty deputies are elected for four years by secret ballot on the basis of universal suffrage in accordance with the federal legislation. It succeeded the Supreme Council in 1995.

State Council of the Komi Republic

Государственный Совет Республики Коми
Coat of arms or logo
Chairman of the State Council
2020Komi Parliament.svg
Political groups
  United Russia (20)

  Communist Party of the Russian Federation (4)
  LDPR (3)
  A Just Russia (1)
  Green Alternative (1)

  Rodina (1)
Last election
13 September 2020
Meeting place
Стефановская площадь в Сыктывкаре.JPG

Among the powers of the State Council is to adopt the Constitution of the Republic of Komi, adopt and/or complement and to exercise control on the Komi legislative enforcement and execution.

The presiding officer is the Chairman of the State Council of the Komi Republic.


Name Years Party
Vladimir Torlopov 1995–2001 Beer Lovers Party
Evgeny Borisov 2001–2003 United Russia
Ivan Kulakov 2003–2006 United Russia
Marina Istikhovskaya 2006–2012 United Russia
Igor Kovzel 2012–2015 United Russia
Nadezhda Dorofeeva 2015–2020 United Russia


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