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Fox Sports (formerly ESPN Star Sports) is a Southeast Asian pay television network broadcasting on Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, currently operated by Fox Networks Group Asia Pacific, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company (Southeast Asia). It also oversees a version of Star Sports available in Mainland China and South Korea. As ESPN Star Sports, it was also operated in South Asia, but Star India took over the Indian business in 2013.

Fox Sports
FOX Sports logo.svg
Star Sports (now Fox Sports 2)
  • 21 August 1991
ESPN (now Fox Sports)
  • 1 June 1992
NetworkFox Sports International
(The Walt Disney Company (Southeast Asia))
Owned byFox Networks Group Asia Pacific
(Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer & International)[1]
Picture format1080i HDTV
(downscaled to 16:9 480i/576i for the SDTV feed)
SloganWe Are Fox Sports (2013–2014)
Where Sport Goes Boom! (2014–2016)
Broadcast areaBrunei
Hong Kong
Papua New Guinea
HeadquartersHong Kong
Formerly called
Fox Sports
Fox Sports 2
Fox Sports 3
  • ESPN HD (until 2013)
  • Fox Sports Plus HD (2013–2014)
Sister channel(s)
WebsiteOfficial website
Channel 835 (FS)
Channel 836 (FS2)
Channel 837 (FS3)
Channel 815 (FS HD)
Channel 816 (FS2 HD)
Channel 817 (FS3 HD)
Channel 835 (FS)
Channel 836 (FS2)
Channel 837 (FS3)
Channel 815 (FS HD)
Channel 816 (FS2 HD)
Channel 817 (FS3 HD)
Transvision (Indonesia)Channel 911 (FS HD)
Channel 912 (FS2 HD)
Channel 913 (FS3 HD)
MNC Vision (Indonesia)Channel 301 (FS)
Channel 302 (FS2)
Channel 303 (FS3)
Channel 421 (FS HD)
Channel 422 (FS2 HD)
K-Vision (Indonesia)Channel 84 (FS SD)
Channel 85 (FS2 SD)
Channel 86 (FS3 SD)
TrueVisions (Thailand)Channel 680 (FS HD)
Channel 689 (FS2)
Channel 690 (FS3)
G Sat (Philippines)Channel 67 (FS SD)
Channel 68 (FS2 SD)
Channel 82 (FS HD)
Channel 83 (FS3 HD)
Cignal (Philippines)Channel 263 (FS HD)
Channel 265 (FS2 HD)
Channel 92 (FS3 SD)
Channel 93 (FS2 SD)
K+ (Vietnam)Channel 207 (FS SD)
Channel 45 (FS HD)
Channel 208 (FS2 SD)
Channel 46 (FS2 HD)
VTC Digital (Vietnam)Channel 60 (SD)
Channel 27 (HD)
BiG TV (Indonesia)Channel 983 (FS SD)
Channel 991 (FS2 SD)
Channel 993 (FS3 SD)
Channel 93 (FS)
Channel 94 (FS2)
Channel 95 (FS3)
Channel 45 (FS)
Channel 46 (FS2)
Channel 47 (FS3)
K-VisionChannel 84 (FS SD)
Channel 85 (FS2 SD)
Channel 86 (FS3 SD)
TransVision (Indonesia)Channel 901 (FS)
Channel 902 (FS2)
Channel 903 (FS3)
Top TV (Indonesia)Channel 302
First Media (Indonesia)Channel 157 (FS)
Channel 158 (FS2)
Channel 314 (FS HD)
Channel 315 (FS2 HD)
Channel 316 (FS3 HD)
SCTV (Vietnam)Channel 48 (FS SD)
Channel 129 (FS HD)
Channel 49 (FS2 SD)
VTVcab (Vietnam)Channel 80 (FS HD)
Channel 81 (FS2 HD)
Channel 82 (FS3 HD)
HTVC (Vietnam)Channel 26 (SD)
Channel 10 (HD)
Jogja Medianet (Indonesia)Channel 17
TrueVisions (Thailand)Channel 680 (FS HD)
Channel 689 (FS2 HD)
Channel 690 (FS3)
Macau Cable TV (Macau)Channel 30 (FS HD)
Channel 31 (FS2 HD)
Channel 32 (FS3 HD)
Hong Kong Cable TV (Hong Kong)Channel 611 (FS HD)
Channel 612 (FS2 HD)
Channel 613 (FS3 HD)
Channel 651 (FS SD)
Channel 652 (FS2 SD)
Channel 653 (FS3 SD)
SkyCable (Philippines)Channel 31 (FS SD)
Channel 32 (FS2 SD)
Channel 140 (FS3 SD)
Channel 253 (FS HD)
Channel 254 (FS2 HD)
Channel 176 (FS3 HD)
Available on most Philippine cable systemsChannel slots vary on each operator
Available on most Taiwanese systemsChannel slots vary on each operator
now TV (Hong Kong)Channel 670 (FS HD)
Channel 671 (FS2 HD)
Channel 672 (FS3 HD)
IndosatM2 (Indonesia)Channel 232
Singtel TV (Singapore)Channel 114 (FS HD)
Channel 115 (FS2 HD)
Channel 116 (FS3 HD)
StarHub TV (Singapore)Channel 208 (FS HD)
Channel 209 (FS2 HD)
Channel 210 (FS3 HD)
M2V Mobile TV (Indonesia)Channel 17
Unifi TV (Malaysia)Channel 706 (FS HD)
Channel 707 (FS2 HD)
Channel 708 (FS3 HD)
AIS Play / AIS Playbox (Thailand)Channel 300 (FS HD)
Channel 301 (FS2)
Channel 302 (FS3)
IndiHome (Indonesia)Channel 705 (FS SD)
Channel 706 (FS2 SD)
Channel 707 (FS3 SD)
Channel 973 (FS HD)
Channel 974 (FS2 HD)
Channel 975 (FS3 HD)
ViettelTV (Vietnam)Channel 40
FPT Telecom (Vietnam)Channel 37 (FS HD)
Channel 38 (FS2 HD)
Channel 39 (FS3 HD)
CHT MOD (Taiwan)Channel 211 (FS3 HD)
Streaming media
Fox+Watch live (Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, and Taiwan customers only)

Originally launched in early 1990s as Star Sports (earlier Prime Sports) and ESPN by Star TV and ESPN International respectively, both parties have agreed to combine their operations in Asia in October 1996. News Corporation took the full control of the venture in 2012, and relaunched the channels in two phases in January 2013 and August 2014, respectively.


Early yearsEdit

Star SportsEdit

Star Sports was originally launched as Prime Sports on 21 August 1991. Star TV, based in Hong Kong, operated the channel in partnership with TCI in the United States, which owned Prime-branded regional sports channels there. The channel was broadcast across the continent of Asia, reaching from the Far East to the Middle East, as with AsiaSat 1's footprint. Star TV have since regionalised the channel.


ESPN was originally a part of the so-called "Gang of Five", which was a consortium that was set up to compete against Star TV in the region. (The others in the group were CNN International, HBO, TVB [with TVB Superchannel] and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation [with Australia Television International]) The consortium's channels were initially transmitted via Palapa satellite, but were later also added to Apstar satellite.

Operations combined as ESPN Star SportsEdit

Logo of ESPN Star Sports

ESPN and Star Sports were competing each other across Asia,[2] but their businesses were making loss. In October 1996, both channels have agreed to combine their operations in the region.[3] The resulting joint venture, later named ESPN Star Sports, was to be headquartered in Singapore (where ESPN's operations in Asia was based in).[4]

On 16 January 1998, a version of Fox Sports was launched in the Middle East, as carried by Star Select.[5] This apparently replaced Star Sports in the region.

Relaunch as Fox SportsEdit

On 6 June 2012, it was announced that News Corporation would buy ESPN International's share in ESPN Star Sports.[6][7] Later, Star India took over ESPN Star Sports' businesses in India,[8] and relaunched all of its sports channels under the Star Sports brand on 6 November 2013.[9][10]

In October 2012, Fox Football Channel was launched in Malaysia.[11] The channel ceased transmission in 2015.

On 28 January 2013, ESPN and ESPN HD was relaunched as Fox Sports and Fox Sports Plus HD in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia.[12][13] The regional version of ESPNews was relaunched as Fox Sports News, and SportsCenter Asia was relaunched as Fox Sports Central.

On 15 August 2014, Star Sports was rebranded as Fox Sports 2, and Fox Sports Plus HD was renamed Fox Sports 3 (or Fox Sports HD in Vietnam). The corresponding HD and SD versions of all three channels were also launched.[14][15]

The relaunch of ESPN Star Sports as Fox Sports did not affect much of East Asia, as a version of Star Sports broadcast to Mainland China and South Korea kept the brand, and instead, the version of ESPN for Mainland China was renamed as Star Sports 2 on 1 January 2014.

ESPN International has since refocused on its digital business building out online properties for football (ESPNFC), cricket (CricInfo), Formula 1 (ESPNF1), and Australian rugby union (ESPNscrum),[16] and established partnership with Multi Screen Media in India (Sony ESPN TV channel), TV5 Network in the Philippines (ESPN5 programming division), Tencent in Mainland China (a dedicated ESPN section at, and Mediacorp in Singapore (local ad sales only for the ESPN website through its Partner Network division).


  • Fox Sports (formerly ESPN)
  • Fox Sports 2 (formerly Prime Sports and Star Sports)
  • Fox Sports 3 (formerly ESPN HD and Fox Sports Plus HD)

Former channelsEdit

  • Fox Sports News (formerly ESPNews): The channel was first launched as ESPNews in November 2009 in Singapore on Singtel's Mio TV,[17] and later expanded to other areas, including Hong Kong, where it was launched in August 2011 on PCCW's Now TV.[18] The channel was renamed as Fox Sports News on 28 January 2013. The channel was gradually discontinued in 2017: It ceased broadcasting on 1 April 2017 in most areas, but continued until 24 April in Hong Kong, 3 May in Malaysia, and 31 May in Taiwan.
    Logo of Fox Football Channel
    Fox Football Channel: The channel was launched in October 2012 in Malaysia.[11] Its programming was mainly consisted of association football matches and shows. It ceased broadcasting in 2015.


The individual regional variations of Fox Sports channels include:

  • Hong Kong: Additionally, a schedule variant is offered to Hong Kong Cable Television customers due to broadcasting rights issues.
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia and Brunei: This variant does not provide coverage of field hockey events.
  • Philippines: Primetime telecast of WWE Raw aires there on FOX Sports every Tuesday evening. Starting 2019 selected UFC events on Fox Sports are aired through Fox+.[19]
  • Singapore
  • Vietnam
  • Taiwan: This variant which is transmitted by Fox Networks Group Taiwan and produces from the studios in Taipei.

It also overseed a version of Star Sports broadcast to Mainland China and South Korea, and Star Sports 2 (formerly known as ESPN until 31 December 2014) broadcast to Mainland China.

In South Korea, Fox Sports was partnered with JTBC until 11 March 2020, which operates JTBC3 Fox Sports. As ESPN Star Sports, it has previously partnered with MBC (MBC ESPN) from 2001 until July 2010, and SBS (SBS ESPN) from December 2010 until 2013.


Broadcast rights for various sports properties contain territorial limitations and in a lot of instances, the rights indicated below may not pertain to all Asian territories in which Fox Sports operates.

American FootballEdit




  • Versus
  • World Boxing Matches

Bull RidingEdit





Mixed Martial ArtsEdit


Rugby FootballEdit




  • The G.O.A.T. (only for the Philippines)
  • Full Throttle (only for the Philippines)
  • Special Force 2 Pro League
  • FOX Sports FC
  • 2 Wheels
  • Chequered Flag
  • The John Dykes Show
  • Sport Confidential
  • International Motorsports News
  • Gilette World of Sports
  • Football Asia
  • WWE Raw (only for the Philippines)


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