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StarLightMedia is the largest Ukrainian broadcasting group, composed of six television stations and nine other media and advertising companies. It was founded 11 November 2009 in Kyiv.[1] In 2013 its market share was 30.17% (GfK Ukraine research, panel 50K+) [2] and in 2014 - 27.85% by audience 14-49 (Nielsen research, panel 50K+). Its market share in 2012 was 34% by audience ages 14–49 and in 2014 - 32%(GfK Ukraine research, panel 50K+). In 2015 group's share for audience of 14-49 has made 27.33% (50K+, Nielsen's television audience research). The margin over closest competitor is 46%, for middle and upper income Ukrainians — 54%.

StarLightMedia Group
IndustryMass media
FounderViktor Pinchuk
HeadquartersKyiv, Ukraine,
Area served
Key people
Olena Pinchuk (Chair)
Michael Tsarev (CEO)
ProductsTelevision, broadcasting, film equipment rental, scenery production, new media, movies, entertainment, advertisement production

In 2013, StarLightMedia launched wGRP Investment business, when the group invests its air time in prospective brands and get its return of investments from a sales growth due to the advertising. In 2014, the holding implemented about 10 partnerships by this model, including pharmaceutical company Omnipharma and FMCG company Karpatskie Mineralnie Vody.

TV stationsEdit


STB is a national (covering 98% of the country) TV station of general interest that started broadcasting in 1997. In 2015, STB, with a share of 10.01% for the target audience 14-49, and 9.56% for the target audience 18-54 (here and further figures are given for 50K+, Nielsen's television audience research data belongs to TIC, provided by StarLightMedia). In 2013 and 2014 STB was the most rating Ukrainian broadcaster with share 11.7% in 2013 (annual growth was 9%) by audience 14-49 (GfK Ukraine research, panel 50K+).[2] and 10.17% in 2014 (Nielsen research, panel 50K+). In 2012 core audience of the STB channel consists of women 20–50 years and its share in 2012 for this target group was 13.39% (GfK Ukraine research, panel 50K+).

STB' key projects are:

In autumn 2012, 100 percent of STB prime time was filled with shows produced by the station.

The CEO of STB is Michael Tsarev.[3]


ICTV is a national TV channel (covering 95% of the country territory) of general interest started broadcasting in 1992. Its core audience consists of male viewers 25–45 and its share in 2012 for this target group was 11.17%, in 2013 - 11,4%[2] (GfK Ukraine research, panel 50K+), and in 2014 - 7.79% (Nielsen research, panel 50K+). ICTV’s share in 2015 was 9.82% for channel’s core target audience M25-55, 50K+ (Nielsen’s television audience research data.

ICTV key shows are daily news Fakty/Facts and Fakty with Oksana Sokolova weekly analytical program. Also investigative journalism programs Distalo! (Enough!), Secret Front, Grajdanskaya Oborona, Nadzvychaini Novyny/Extreme News, Antizombie. Svoboda Slova/Freedom Of Speech political talk-show.

Documentary cycle, created by ICTV in 2014-2015: Revolutsia Gidnosti/Revolution of Honour, Pravyi Sektor, Radykalnyi Syndrom /Right Sector. Radical Syndrom, (Ne)pryhovana viina/(Un)masked War, Ukraine-2041, Braterstvo Chervonoho Hresta/Вrotherhood of Red Cross, Spetsnaz. Povernutysia Zhyvymy/Special Unit. Come Back Alive, Dobrovoltsi/Volunteers.

Morning show Ranok u Velykomy Misti/Morning in the Big City was launched in 2015.

2015 was called ‘the autumn of big premieres’ on ICTV: there are 8 new series of Ukrainian production. Slidchi/Investigators, Patrul Samooborona/Self-defense Patrol, Pes/The Dog, Nikonov and Co, Volodymyrska 15, Viddil 44/Department 44, Kod Konstiantyna/Constantine Code. Earlier there were Facty/Facts, Svoboda slova/Free Speech, Krot/Mole, Distalo!/It's reach!. It also has strong serial and film content.

The CEO of ICTV is Oleksander Bohytsky.

Novy KanalEdit

Novy Kanal is a national broadcaster (cowering 80% of the country territory) of general interest for a young audience. The channel target audience is people aged 14 to 49 living in cities. In 2012 and 2013 year Novy kanal became the leader by 14–24 years old TV viewers, average share for this audience was 12,52% in 2012 and 13,6% in 2013 (annual growth - 9%)(GfK Ukraine research, panel 50K+).[2] In 2014 the Novy channel share was 7,55% (Nielsen research, panel 50K+). In 2015 for audience aged 14–35 made up 11,00% (according to Nielsen people-metric panel, for people living in cities 50K+).

Novy kanal key projects in 2015 are Revizor (The Auditor) social reality show, Khto zverkhu? (Who's on top?) gender game show, SuperIntuitsiia (SuperIntuition) game show, Supermodel po-ukrainsky (Ukrainian Supermodel) reality show, romantic dating show Sertsia Trokh (The hearts of Three), Abzats! (End of story!) infotainment program, Proekt Perfekt (Perfect Project), the first Ukrainian useful seriality, PoLOVEynky (Halves) romantic reality. Earlier they were Pedan-Pritula Show, Revizor, Khto Zverhu?. Shows made by stations own idea, format and development prevail at Novy Kanal.

CEO of Novy Kanal is Volodymyr Lokotko.


M1 is a music, cinema, fashion: all that interests the youngsters.

M1 secures 42% share of Ukrainian music TV stations. "Ukrainian viewer watches music at M1. That’s why we feel special responsibility for the channel content, design and other".

Core audience of M1 are young active fashionistas aged 14–25. Broadcaster's share for this TA in 2012 was 2,14% (GfK Ukraine research, panel 50K+). In 2013 its share was 1,73% for target audience 14-30 y.o.(GfK Ukraine research, panel 50K+).[2] In 2014 the M1 channel share was 1,13% for audience 14-49 y.o.(Nielsen research, panel 50K+).

M1 key channels are Guten Morgen, EmOneNews, tviy format, Blond 007, POPconveyor.

CEO of M1 is Valentyn Koval.


M2 until May 2015 was a music for older audience, its share for TA 25–35 years in 2012 was 0,35% (GfK Ukraine research, panel 50K+). In September 2012 M2 changed its air identity and significantly renewed its content. In 2014 the M2 share was 0,21% for audience 14-49 y.o. (Nielsen research, panel 50K+). Since May 1 of 2015, M2 channel has completely changed its format and started to broadcast only those music videos, which involve Ukrainian musicians, songwriters, producers, directors and others in producing process.

CEO of M2 is Valentyn Koval.


OCE is a TV entertainment network, the TV channel broadcasts replays of STB, Novy kanal and ICTV.

Production studiosEdit

StarLight Commercial Production makes brands integration in channels' projects from idea creating to graphics. Production house clients list includes international brands Lenovo, Dove, Lipton, Rexona, Pampers, Tefal, [1] etc. Among other StarLight Commercial Production works with augmented reality and 3D-graphics on stage.

StarLight Films produces TV films, serials, commercials, documentary and musical videos. Maksym Litvinov, head of StarLight Films worked as a director of format TV projects on STB(X-factor, So You Think You Can Dance, Ukraine's Got Talent). StarLight Films created adaptation of ER series, aired on STB from 31 March 2014.[4]

Vavёrka Production produces TV sitcom and other comedy genres for television. In 2014 it produces Koly My Vdoma/When We are at Home sketchcom.

Head of Vavёrka Production is Dmytro Tankovych, TV anchor, producer, and scriptwriter.


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