Stanley LeFevre Krebs

Stanley LeFevre Krebs (January 14, 1864 – September 26, 1935) was an American psychologist and salesmanship lecturer.

Stanley LeFevre Krebs
Stanley LeFevre Krebs.jpg
Born(1864-01-14)January 14, 1864
Emmitsburg, Frederick County, Maryland, U.S.
DiedSeptember 26, 1935(1935-09-26) (aged 71)
OccupationPsychologist, Salesmanship lecturer
SpouseMarjorie Main (m. 1921)


In 1889, he received a Doctor of Psychology degree from the Chicago School of Psychology. Krebs was a one time president of the American University of Trade and Applied Commerce of Philadelphia and a pastor in the Reformed Church.

He married the actress Marjorie Main on November 2, 1921.[1] He was the president of the American Institute of Mercantile Art, Philadelphia, where he worked as a salesmanship lecturer.[2]

Throughout his career, he exposed a number of fraudulent mediums. He employed a secret mirror and caught the medium Henry Slade swapping slates and hiding them in the back of his chair.[3] Krebs exposed the Bangs Sisters by using a secret mirror under the table, which caught them tampering with a sealed envelope. During the séance, the sisters would open the envelope and write in it a reply which they would pretend a spirit had written.[4]

He also wrote the book Trick Methods of Eusapia Paladino (1910), which documented the tricks of the medium Eusapia Palladino.

His daughter was Anna Belle Columba Krebs Culverwell, an artist who developed the cartoon "Skuddabud". She wrote and illustrated "The Moon Is Inhabited".

He died from cancer on September 27, 1935 in New York City.[5]



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