Stanisław Kiszka (bishop)

Stanisław Kiszka (Belarusian: Stanіslaў Kіshka; 1584 – 13 February 1626 in Wornie, Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth) was a Catholic bishop and a convert from Calvinism. He was a noble, member of the Kiszka family.

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Kiszka was born as the eldest son of a family of Vitebsk governor Stanisław Kiszka and Elżbieta Sapieha. He was brought up in the Calvinist faith, which was very common among the Lithuanian at this time. Kiszka studied at the University of Padua. In 1604 he married Zofia Konstancja Zenowicz. In 1606, together with his father not unexpectedly moved to the Catholic faith, but the marriage was soon annulled, then Kiszka was ordained to the priesthood. In 1608 became Fundator of a church in Dokshytsy. In 1619 he was consecrated bishop and appointed Bishop of Samogitia. Stanisław Kiszka died on 13 February 1626.

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